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The Catalyst Controller is a macro controller with eight precision CV outputs and a responsive crossfader to morph between scenes. A scene is a snapshot of up to eight CV outputs, like a modular preset. Traverse a “pathway” composed of multiple scenes using the crossfader or an external CV signal, o..
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The Catalyst Sequencer combines a traditional clocked step-sequencer with an unconventional phase-based sequencer to produce a new paradigm in sequencing. Eight precision CV sequencer channels can be simultaneously driven by a clock, a phase CV, or scrubbed manually with the crossfader.Each of the e..
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ACL Sinfonion ACL Sinfonion
Brand: ACL Model: Sinfonion
Unleash the power of your modular system with the Sinfonion!Over the years, you have build a big modular system, containing lots of oscillators, filters, voices and sequencers...and now you would like to play all these together without ending in a cacophony?! Sinfonion is the answer!After a long tim..
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Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: ALM-BUSY-CIRCUITS-AXON-2
AXON-2 is an 8HP expander module for the SQUID SALMPLE, MFX and Pamela’s PRO Workout that like the AXON-1 provides 4 additional freely assignable CV inputs but additionally adds manual offset controls and 2 additional ‘performance’ buttons.The addition of AXON-2 in..
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AtoVproject 16n Rework AtoVproject 16n Rework
Brand: AtoVproject Model: ATOV-PROJECT-16N-REWORK
The 16n AtoVproject Rework is aimed at solving a problem very specific to modular synthesis. As a patch is getting more and more complex a forest of cables has grown over your system before you know it. This module allows you to take the control from the modular into a very ergonomic controller that..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-CV-THINK
Cv thing is a fully mappable CV to MIDI converter in just 6HP. Its based on our VCMC module, but aiming for small and compact performance rigs. It has eight inputs that can be mapped to any MIDI message quite easily thanks to its simple and intuitive user interface. Ccs, Program change,v/oct to Note..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-DIVKID-MUTES
Mutes goes above and beyond basic muting by allowing you to split groups of signals to multiple destinations, making it great for FX dub performing and varied signal routing.Vactrols on the circuit gives to the switching a pleasing decay for both audio and modulation as well a totally click fre..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-JOYSTICK
A compact attenuverting (attenuator-inverter) joystick controller and Gate Generator. With it, you can generate and/or process two control voltages using only one hand. Provided controls for CV ranges and offset adjust the boundaries of your control, this way it never gets out of the desired range, ..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-MORPHADER
Morphader is a performative tool designed to make multichannel CV/Audio crossfade easy and comfortable. Fading from one quad CV/audio scene to another. The core of the module has four CV-controlled crossfaders, each with their individual control and a master fader to control them all. The module mix..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-VOLTIO
An accurate voltage source and precision adder.Voltio fits somewhere between a music tool and a piece of electronics lab gear.It generates voltages equivalent to all the notes on the 12-tone equal temperament scale throughout a ten-octave range, with an intuitive two-knob interface.The Precision Add..
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Brand: Model: BELA-IO-GLISS
Gliss is a 4 HP Eurorack module using a recordable touch sensor to introduce gestural control into modular systems. Gliss simultaneously produces two high-resolution signals: one following your finger’s position, the other following touch size. These signals are available via two CV outputs, of..
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Brand: Cre8audio Model: CRE8-CELLZ
Programmable CV touchpad and sequencer. The Cre8audio Cellz Programmable CV Touch Pad is a unique and versatile module that can be used in multiple ways.The Cre8Audio Cellz acts as a dual unipolar control voltage generator. It features 16 touch-sensitive pads which can be set to two 12-bit values. Y..
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