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Frequency Dividers Multipliers

Four channel voltage controlled Clock Divider/Multiplier with master Tap Tempo. Each channel can be synced to the tap tempo, to the channel above, or to an external clock. Each channel also has a reset jack.With a Tap Tempo button and five sync'ed clock outputs, the QCD is a versatile head-of-the-ch..
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The Rotating Clock Divider (RCD) produces eight divided clock tempos from a single input clock. The divisions range from /1 to /64, including all odd and non-standard divisions such as /3 and /17 and /62. A Rotate CV input re-assigns the division number of each jack, allowing for creative mix-ups an..
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Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-SCM-PLUS
The SCM Plus is a clock multiplier with eight gate outputs and complex beat manipulation features. It combines the classic Shuffling Clock Multiplier (SCM) and SCM Breakout (SCMBO) into a single module using higher precision hardware than its predecessors.Eight gate outputs, each multiplying up to x..
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Brand: AtoVproject Model: ATOV-PROJECT-GAETO
AtoVproject - Gaeto The AtoVproject Gaeto is a new type of clocked logic module.Gaeto is a great module to play around with triggers, gates and legatoes turning one into the other. As a result we decided to name the module Gaeto from “Gate” and “Legato”.Some of the functions that the module can..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-BURST
Burst is a Pingable Trigger Burst generator with distribution, probability, and time division control. It will create multiplications of your triggers, leading to doubles, triplets, quintuplets, and true polyrhythms for your modular system.FEATURESCustom trigger bursts up to 64 triggers.Voltage Cont..
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Brand: Der Mann Mit Der Maschine Model: DMMDM-DROID-MASTER
The DROID master is the central module in your DROID setup. In any Droid setup you need one master module. You can use it stand alone or with up to 16 controllers and up to one G8 and one X7 expander attached. Currently there are six different controllers available: B32,&nbs..
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Brand: Der Mann Mit Der Maschine Model: DMMDM-G8-SET
This set contains one master and one G8 expander. The G8 is very useful if you want to create more complex DROID patches since its additional eight gate inputs/outputs save valuable CV jacks in your master.Current Draw: 195 mA +12V | 15 mA -12V | 0&n..
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Brand: Der Mann Mit Der Maschine Model: DMMDM-LIVE-KIT
Do you want to get started with a decent Droid system and get a good price? Or you are not sure which expanders to buy? Then this kit is perfect for you. The selection is based on the experience and suggestions of many users and comes at a good price. In one nice big box you get:1 DRO..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-113
Module A-113 is a new sound source that derives from an incoming pulse signal four so-called subharmonics (German: Subharmonische). The term subharmonics was introduced by Oskar Sala in connection with his so-called Mixtur-Trautonium. A subharmonic means  in t..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-115
Module A-115 is a four-way frequency divider. The frequency of a signal at the input is halved (half frequency = first sub-octave), quartered (1/4 frequency = second sub-octave), and so on. In this way, the DIVIDER produces four sub-octaves (F/2 down to F/16).At the output, the A-115 produces a summ..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-160-2
Module A-160-2 is an enhanced version of the standard clock divider A-160. The module is a frequency divider for clock/trigger/gate signals, designed to be a source of lower frequencies, particularly for rhythm uses. The Clock input will take any digital signal from, eg., an LFO, MIDI sync, or ..
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Brand: Frap Tools Model: FRAP-TOOLS-FALISTRI
OVERVIEWFalistri definitely is a strong competitor to another module with a confusing name – the Make Noise Maths. In essence Falistri is a fully featured dual envelope generator / LFO / oscillator. But additionally, you will also find a Ringmodulator and a Slew Limiter plus a Flip-Flop. Altogether ..
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