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Shakmat Modular

Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-AEOLUS-MIXER
The Aeolus Mixer is a quadraphonic unity mixer allowing you to sum up to 3 quadraphonic sources and 2 stereo sources, in 6 hp!The module has additional outputs for 5.1 systems compatibility and clever options for crossing the stereo channels, and more.Features• Quadraphonic unity mixer• 3 quadraphon..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-AEOLUS-SEEDS
Aeolus Seeds manipulate the dynamics of a fully analog signal path through four VCAs driven by a handy multi channel modulation source.As well as an obvious tool for quadraphonic spatialisation, Aeolus Seeds is also a useful device for vector synthesis, thanks to its Sum output.The CV output also pu..
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Shakmat Modular Archer's Rig
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-ARCHER'S-RIG
The Archer's Rig boasts a quiver full of digital noise generation algorithms, offering sharp and cutting sound sources for hi-hat and high-pitched percussion synthesis. As our archer has more than one string to its bow, he processes its source material through a versatile analog chain featuring filt..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-BANSHEE-REACH
Murmuring, singing, screaming, and howling, the Banshee Reach delivers a very large panel of sounds. The mo- dule’s heart is based on a triangle core VCO with thru zero frequency/phase modulation capabilities. Besides delivering independently the typical analog waveforms, the Banshee Reach has a var..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-BARD-QUARTET
Evolving HarmoniesThe Bard Quartet composes and sings along with your complex harmonies! With its 4 channels and integrated keyboard, the Bard Quartet can control up to 4 different instruments which will play together as a harmonious quartet fed by your musical ideas. Even better: the potentiometer ..
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Shakmat Modular Bard Quartet Expand
The Bard Quartet Expand adds more capabilities to our beloved quad quantizer with numerous new features. With the expander, you get independent gate inputs and trigger outputs for each Bard Quartet channel. Thanks to the MIDI input, you can control the scales using MIDI or even transform your Bard Q..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-BATTERING-RAM
The Battering Ram is a bass drum synthesizer based on an original design by Marc Nostromo. This module offers precise control over various parameters, including decay, tuning, depth, click amount, and drive. These controls have been thoughtfully mapped to provide sweet spots at every combination of ..
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Shakmat Modular Centaur's Gates
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-CENTAUR'S-GATES
The Centaur’s Gates is a fully analog signal path dual multi-types gate. Each of its two channels can take many forms : a smooth and warm two poles filter, a ready to ping low-pass gate, a VCA with distorting feedback loop, or an aggressive filter reminiscent of the unfamous Korg MS20. Both versions..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-CLOCK-O-PAWN-MK2
The Clock O’Pawn mk2 serves as a versatile clock device, taking on the role of true "chef d’orchestre" for your modular system. Its transport section lets you start, stop, and reset instruments synchronized with its intuitive internal clock or have your setup dance with your MIDI equipment.If you fi..
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Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-DUAL-DAGGER
This module is a double sided weapon, sharpened to cut low and high frequencies. The Dual Dagger chops stereo spectrums with familiar and appropriate controls for the low pass and the high pass filter section. The Band Pass function turns the dual filter into a band pass filter, with control over fr..
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Shakmat Modular Four Bricks Rook Shakmat Modular Four Bricks Rook
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-FOUR-BRICKS-ROOK
A treat for finger drummers – Four Bricks Rook is a trigger sequencer especially designed for programming drum patterns in real-time. The module features four tracks with up to 32 steps. Elektron-style push-buttons are used as drum pads. – Very comfortable. Rhythms can be saved and varied in many wa..
Ex Tax:264.71€
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-GEMINIS-PATH
Stereo & Dynamics ProcessorA 6hp and skiff friendly stereo processor with a high end analog signal path, a trigger detector and a smart modulation source. Combined together the module allows to easily control the dynamic of two signals (decaying, gating, side chain compression, auto accentuation..
Ex Tax:175.63€
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