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Brand: SynMag Model: 10074
A Guide to Modular Worlds is a 300-page introduction to the basics of the modular synthesizer written by the authors Ulf Kaiser (longtime test leader ..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: 10073
Verbos Electronics Patch cable 90 cm 5 piecesGold Plated Contacts..
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Brand: Arp Model: 10069
The most iconic synth for the Modern musicianThe genuine ARP 2600 in a more convenient size.The ARP 2600 is arguably the most iconic and recognizable ..
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Brand: Roland Model: 10067
Roland's 76-key Fantom is a new kind of creative hub, made for rapid production and expressive performance. Inspiring onboard production tools and dee..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 10065
The Erica Synths Black 3109 VCF/VCA is a lowpass filter and voltage-controlled amplifier combo built around the AS3109 VCF integrated circuit, a conte..
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Brand: Fortin Model: 120469
In collaboration with UK metalcore giants Architects, we are pleased to bring you TEMPEST! This Overdrive was created working hand-in-hand with guitar..
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Xaoc Devices Minsk
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 120468
STEREO IMAGE PROCESSORMODEL OF 1949DESCRIPTIONMińsk is a stereo image processor. It is a hybrid tool that combines digital and analog processing to fa..
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Xaoc Devices Ostankino II
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 120467
SEQUENCE COMMANDERMODEL OF 1965DESCRIPTIONOstankino II is an expander for the Moskwa II sequencer module. It greatly augments Moskwa II’s connect..
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Xaoc Devices Erfurt
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 120466
BINARY PHASE AKKUMULATORMODEL OF 1989DESCRIPTIONErfurt is a bi-directional digital counter, frequency divider, and a component of our 8-bit Leibniz Bi..
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Brand: AIAIAI Model: 120464
Empowering music creators with the freedom to create wirelessly. The TMA-2 Studio Wireless+ is a versatile headphone, designed for today’s dynamic cre..
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Brand: AIAIAI Model: 120463
Premium modular Bluetooth headphones with critically acclaimed sound performance from our professional TMA-2 line balancing punchy bass and clear high..
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Brand: AIAIAI Model: 120462
TMA-2 is a modular headphone system that lets you create your own unique personalised headphones - while enabling a quick and easy change of individua..
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Brand: AIAIAI Model: 120461
Professional lightweight studio headphones with AIAIAI signature audio and enhanced comfort and isolation.This is a headphone for the dynamic music ma..
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QU-Bit Chance Black
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Brand: QU-Bit Electronix Model: 120460
Qu-Bit Electronix - Chance is a unique modulation source that uses chance operations to create musical voltages. Inspired by John Cage’s use of t..
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Brand: AIAIAI Model: 120459
DescriptionMeet the AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio professional modular studio headphones, an expansion of AIAIAI's award-winning TMA-2 DJ line, which features a..
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