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Make Noise XPO
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Brand: Make Noise Model: 120411
The XPO or Stereo Prismatic Oscillator music synthesizer module is a Voltage Controlled Analog Oscillator designed for generating Sine waves, Triangle..
Ex Tax:348.74€
Brand: Klavis Model: 120410
TWO BITSDual logic processor with chaining and CV functionsTwo dual-input logic processors15 different functionsSimultaneously available normal and in..
Ex Tax:116.81€
Brand: Collision Devices Model: 120409
Shimmer Reverb with Modulated Delay & Dynamic Tremolo Looking for an ambient and textures creation box? As huge fans of cinematic atmospheric soun..
Ex Tax:335.29€
Brand: Doepfer Model: 120408
Noise / Random / T&H / S&HModule A-118-2 is the slim version of module A-118-1 and offers essentially the same features as the A-118-1. But th..
Ex Tax:67.23€
Brand: Neo By Oyaide Model: 120407
The FORCE’77 ’77G is a high performance extreme line cable that has been meticulously designed for use in a variety of situations without compromising..
Ex Tax:29.41€
Brand: Neo By Oyaide Model: 120406
The QAC-202, NEO’s flagship microphone and instrument cable, has been used for more than five years since its release. It combines a high quality soun..
Ex Tax:35.29€
Prolink PB105 3.5mm ST plug to 3.5mm ST plug 0.5m
New Pre-Order
Brand: Prolink Model: 120405
- Prolink 3.5 mmStereo <-> 3.5 MM Stereo Cable- High quality shield stereo cable with ABS jacket- TPE Plug for durability high flexibility- Appl..
Ex Tax:2.52€
Brand: Boss Model: 10134
For 14 years, the famous BOSS FV-300 served as an industry-standard volume pedal. The tradition continued with the FV-50 series, but today the bar has..
Ex Tax:100.84€
Brand: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Model: 120404
FLOAT DUAL MOVING FILTERTurning our predilection for parallel signals toward the world of filters and widening out to full stereo, we are pleased to u..
Ex Tax:293.28€
Brand: Eventide Model: 120403
Misha is an innovative Eurorack instrument/sequencer that utilizes a unique, interval-based approach to playing and creating melodies. It’s designed t..
Ex Tax:641.18€
Brand: Boredbrain Music Model: 120402
Master Output ControlMonitr is a comprehensive audio output monitoring utility for eurorack systems. The module is equipped with a stereo VCA-controll..
Ex Tax:292.44€
Brand: Boredbrain Music Model: 120401
Guitar Pedal FX InterfaceUniFX is a compact and flexible effects interface that interconnects guitar pedals and electronic instruments with eurorack s..
Ex Tax:141.18€
Brand: Boredbrain Music Model: 120400
STEREO SIGNAL INTERCHANGEUltra-low noise buffered level scaling designed for stereo effects pedalsTwo stereo sends with selectable -12/-18 dB attenuat..
Ex Tax:141.18€
Brand: Spectrum Hearing Protection Model: 1286
Spectrum’s Filtered Foam Plugs (FFP) are comfortable, reusable and simple to fit. Made with viscoelastic memory foam, they offer a high level of comfo..
Ex Tax:10.92€
Electronic Audio Experiments 0xEAE Boost
New Pre-Order
Brand: Electronic Audio Experiments Model: 1282
The 0xEAE Boost is the first entry in a new pedal series developed in conjunction with the design collective Obstructures.The 0xEAE collaboration..
Ex Tax:301.68€