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Digital Synthesizers

Arturia MicroFreak Arturia MicroFreak
Brand: Arturia Model: 99535
Arturia MicroFreak featuresSynthesizer with 192 preset slots and 128 factory presets11 Digital oscillator with variable mode, including collaborations with Mutable InstrumentsAnalog State Variable Filter, 12dB/octave, resonant, Low Pass, Band Pass, High PassADSR envelopeCycling Envelope offering two..
Ex Tax:279.83€
Brand: Arturia Model: 99537
Arturia Microfreak Vocoder Edition SynthYou've heard many unique, exceptional and freaky sounds from Arturia's best selling hybrid and digital synthesizer. But have you ever wondered what its human voice would be like? Find out with the MicroFreak Vocoder Edition synth.Following its first successful..
Ex Tax:277.31€
Korg Microkorg Korg Microkorg
Brand: Korg Model: 11017
The new microKORG is a compact-sized synthesizer that delivers the true enjoyment of synthesis. Underneath its small exterior lurks an amazingly powerful synthesizer. It is fun to play, and it delivers a sound and functionality that will satisfy everyone from the beginner to the professional. Welcom..
Ex Tax:294.12€
Brand: Korg Model: 94553
The Korg Opsix combines a revolutionary operator mixer with expanded waveform mixing to create a synth that brings classic FM sounds into the future.The Korg Opsix represents a new and expansive reimagination of classic digital synthesis. Much like Korg did when bringing wave sequencing back in a mo..
Ex Tax:587.39€
Korg Volca FM Korg Volca FM
Brand: Korg Model: 11010
A polyphonic digital synthesizer that completely reproduces a classic FM sound engineThe volca series has shed new light on classic technologies by linking classic sound engines such as the groove machines and early samplers of the past with the dance music of today. Now it's time for the series to ..
Ex Tax:121.00€
Korg Wavestate Korg Wavestate
Brand: Korg Model: 99162
Korg Wavestate Keyboard SynthesizerKORG’s legendary Wavestation introduced the world to Wave Sequencing, transforming raw samples into sounds that no-one had ever heard before. The flagship OASYS and KRONOS keyboards developed Wave Sequencing even further, expanding on its unique palette of lush, ev..
Ex Tax:689.08€
Brand: Modal Electronics Model: 99598
Modal Electronics Argon8M Desktop SynthBased on its revolutionary wavetable synthesizer engine, Argon8M derives much of its heritage and DNA from the highly acclaimed Modal 002. Modal Electronics are proud to the Modal Argon8M synthesizer module. Argon8M joins the growing Modal Electronics family of..
Ex Tax:453.78€
Brand: Modal Electronics Model: 99597
Modal Electronics Argon8X SynthesizerThe Modal Argon8X synthesizer is an extended-range edition of the Argon8 wavetable synth, with 61 full-sized keys. Based around its revolutionary wavetable synthesizer engine, Argon8X derives much of its heritage and DNA from the highly acclaimed Modal 002.Oscill..
Ex Tax:609.24€
Brand: Modal Electronics Model: 100453
Building on the tradition of warm and punchy analog-style synth sounds, conceived by legendary synthesisers from the past, COBALT8 unlocks the full creative potential of analog waveforms. This powerful, inspiring instrument reinvents the aesthetics of analog sounds and invites musicians, producers a..
Ex Tax:553.78€
Brand: Modal Electronics Model: 99550
Modal Electronics Argon8 SynthesizerModal Electronics is proud to announce the Modal Argon8 synthesizer. Argon8 joins the growing Modal Electronics family of SKULPTsynthesizer, CRAFTsynth 2.0, Modal 002 Hybrid and Modal 008 Analogue Polyphonic synthesizers.Based on its revolutionary wavetable synthe..
Ex Tax:503.36€
Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth 2.0 Modal Electronics CRAFTsynth 2.0
Brand: Modal Electronics Model: 11231
Monophonic wavetable synthesiser8 oscillators in total with 2 selectable waveforms and mixer stage40 unique waveforms available split into 8 banks of 5 morphable waveform setsVA, digital and generative waves are available along with selections from the Modal 002Process and cross modulate waveforms w..
Ex Tax:126.05€
Modal Electronics Skulpt Modal Electronics Skulpt
Brand: Modal Electronics Model: 99549
Modal Electronics SKULPT synthesiser4 voice – 32 oscillator virtual analogue synthesiser8 oscillators per voice with 2 selectable morphable waveformsMixer stage for osc levels along with FM, PWM, tuning and Ring Modulation optionsMonophonic, Duophonic and Polyphonic modes availableMulti option Uniso..
Ex Tax:149.00€
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