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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-31
3:1 is a voltage controlled gate switch. It allows the user to send one of three input signals to a single output.Control over the active input allows the user to craft unique rhythmic events from existing gates and clocks within a patch. The module can also function as a gate summer allowing for th..
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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-ROUT
Voltage Controlled Gate SwitchRout is a voltage controlled gate switch. The signal present at the input can be sent to one of four outputs. Great for splitting a pattern across multiple voices or creating variations in a patch with a single gate source, Rout is a powerful addition to any rack's rhyt..
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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-SWITCH
Switch is a voltage controlled signal router that is great for audio and CV signals. With four inputs and one output, it is ideal for dynamically moving between four disparate elements.The active channel can be selected manually, or with CV, allowing for versatile and esoteric results. Whether creat..
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Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: ALM-BUSY-CIRCUITS-BOSS-BOW-TIE
8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switchBoss Bow Tie is an 8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch. An input ‘I/O’ signal is mapped to an output ‘I/O’ via a corresponding control voltage. As bidirectional, this can be either 1 of up to 8 inputs into a single output or a single input into ..
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Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: ALM-BUSY-CIRCUITS-BOSS-BOW-TWO
Multimode SwitchDescription‘Boss Bow Two’ is an 8 way bidirectional voltage controlled switch with 3 different control modes: address, strobe, and step. Each control mode uniquely routes signals from an input ‘I/O’ to an output ‘I/O’. Address mode allows for instant routing manually via the offset o..
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Chopping kinky is a voltage controllable, dual-channel wavefolder.As a unique feature, it has a chop out that will choose between both channels with a zero cross detector or an external gate.FEATURESTwo unique wavefolder circuitsTwo CV inputs per channel, one with attenuverter.DC Coupled inputs allo..
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Befaco Muxlicer
Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-MUXLICER
Muxlicer is a sequential signal processor designed to add a huge range of special functions to your modular setup in the minimum space.Is divided into three main blocks: a Digital Step Controller, a Gate Generator, and an Analog Switch (a.k.a. Mux/DeMux)The module is designed with a h..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-138i
Interrupting MixerModule A-138i is a four channel mixer with an additional mute switch for each input. On top of that it is equipped with two types of single outputs and a dual mix output. All inputs and outputs are DC coupled. Consequently the VCAs can be used to mix both audio and control voltages..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-150-8
Octal VC/Manual Programmable SwitchModule A-150-8 contains eight manually/voltage controlled switches. Each of the eight switches has a manual control button (Man.), a control voltage input (CV), a common Out / Input (O/I), and two In / Outputs (I/O1, I/O2). The switches are bi-directional, i.e..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-151
Module A-151 (Quad Sequential Switch) is like an electronic four-position rotary switch.It includes trigger and reset inputs, four in / outputs, and a common out / input. Each time a pulse is received at the trigger input socket, the common out / input is connected to the next in / output. After the..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-152
Module A152 is a very useful switching and T&H module. It combines a voltage addressed 1-to-8 multiplexer and 8 fold T&H that can be used as kind of an analog shift register too. The active in/output is displayed by a LED. The digital output of the currently addressed step outputs "high". Th..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-182-2
Quad Passive SwitchA-182-2 is a simple passive module that contains four changeover switches, which are used to connect or disconnect the sockets of the corresponding socket triplet:in the upper position of the switch the upper socket of the corresponding socket triplet is connected to the center so..
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