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Diode Dream VCF is a 5 Pole diode ladder filter but instead of diodes, the circuit in the filter core section, uses transistors in diode configuration.The filter has a switch selecting between 5 or 4 STAGES of filtering.You can access the low pass output via the LP out jack.There is also a VARIABLE ..
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Brand: myVolts Model: MYVOLTS-AA931MS
myVolts 6V Ripcord USB to DC power cable, centre negative, model AA931MSRipcord USB to DC power cable lets you power your gear from a USB port.With Ripcord, you get the freedom to play wherever you are.You already power your phones and tablets with USB, now you can power synths, guitar pedals, amps,..
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Erica Synths Nightverb Erica Synths Nightverb
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: ERICA-SYNTHS-NIGHTVERB
A stereo reverb with a unique and musical algorithm developed by 112db, save/recall functions for all parameters, all in sleek aluminum case to aesthetically match our lineup of compact desktop units.FeaturesA unique, very musical stereo reverb algorithm by 112dB.comErica Synths custom DSP engine12 ..
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Schlappi Engineering BTMX
New Pre-Order
Brand: Schlappi Engineering Model: SCHLAPPI-ENGINEERING-BTMX
BTMX (BitMix) gives hands on control over logic and rhythmic gate signals with a switch for every input and 4 different logic functions.It is a 4 channel selectable logic function module, with each channel having two inputs. All channels share the same logic function and the gate outs are summed wit..
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Brand: Moog Model: MOOG-LABYRINTH
How deep does the rabbit hole go? Meet Labyrinth, an idea machine that aims to answer that very question. Two generative sequencers bring to life sounds that bloom over time, letting you control their evolution and scale, then play them off of each other for striking polymetric&n..
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Datanoise OctaWave Eurorack Edition Datanoise OctaWave Eurorack Edition
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Brand: Datanoise Model: DATANOISE-OCTAWAVE
Introducing the Eurorack Version of the Datanoise OctaWave ADAT DAC.Send Audio and/or CV into your Eurorack System with this small 4 HP EurorackModule.ADAT Optical Input (44/48 kHz)50mm depthSmall form factor - 4 HP widthPower Supply via Eurorack (130-150mA +12, 30mA -12v, 5v generated locally, filt..
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Shakmat Modular Centaur's Gates
New Pre-Order
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-CENTAUR'S-GATES
The Centaur’s Gates is a fully analog signal path dual multi-types gate. Each of its two channels can take many forms : a smooth and warm two poles filter, a ready to ping low-pass gate, a VCA with distorting feedback loop, or an aggressive filter reminiscent of the unfamous Korg MS20. Both versions..
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Shakmat Modular Archer's Rig
New Pre-Order
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-ARCHER'S-RIG
The Archer's Rig boasts a quiver full of digital noise generation algorithms, offering sharp and cutting sound sources for hi-hat and high-pitched percussion synthesis. As our archer has more than one string to its bow, he processes its source material through a versatile analog chain featuring filt..
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Brand: Nekyia Circuits Model: NEKYIA-CIRCUITS-MUZZLE
Muzzle is an analog vactrol based 12dB/octave low pass filter and low pass gate. The resonance goes from smooth to increasingly acidic and bubbly towards the max setting. Muzzle can create very interesting percussive sounds when in self-oscillation which can be dynamically controlled through the pin..
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Brand: Nekyia Circuits Model: NEKYIA-CIRCUITS-MEZCAL
Mezcal is a collection of 4 essential Analog Utility circuits that work both with Audio and CV signals. It consists of a Buffered Multiple with 3 outputs, a Half/Full Wave Rectifier and an Inverter to transform audio and CV signals in many interesting ways, a 3 input Unity mixer/Averager for mi..
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Brand: Nekyia Circuits Model: NEKYIA-CIRCUITS-CADENCE
Cadence is an analog triple decay envelope with a fixed attack time and control over decay time. Each envelope is designed with a very fast attack time and an exponential curve, making it perfect for creating percussive sounds when controlling VCAs and LPGs. Each envelope can be triggered individual..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-147-4
Module A-147-4 is a dual voltage controlled LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). Each LFO has the five waveforms triangle, sine, rising and falling sawtooth, as well as rectangle available. The rectangle output features manually adjustable pulsewidth and pulsewidth modulation by means of an ext..
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Plug-And-PlayArturia's MiniLAB 3 is a compact MIDI keyboard & pad controller that lets users make music, right out the box. With a creative plug-and-play workflow, versatile assignable controls, 500 curated sounds from Analog Lab's massive library, and a bundle of world-class creative software, ..
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Noise Engineering Gamut Repetitor
New Pre-Order
Quad random, highly controllable, quantized-voltage generator and generative CV sequencerGamut Repetitor is a four-channel random quantized voltage generator with looping, range, key, and scale settings. It features a built-in quantizer with 27 scales grouped across a selection of three CV-cont..
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DIGITAL DELAY - REVERB - SAMPLE REDUCER - CLOCK SEQUENCERCRUSHTURNAL takes it inspiration from the glitch created by clock change on digital processors. It delays, reverberates, destroys, microloops, shifts the pitch or harmonizes your signal, and much more.Everything in a very creative way thanks t..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-ATLX
The Atlx expander provides 16 additional jacks to the Atlantix, including: dedicated waveform outputs for A and B oscillators, filter outputs, and a ring modulator. Atlx adds many new possibilities for self-patching, advanced routing and connections to other modules. Oscillators A/B OutsSi..
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Intellijel Designs Atlantix
New Pre-Order
Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-ATLANTIX
Reimagining a Reimagined ClassicThe Atlantix is the highly-anticipated successor to the Intellijel Atlantis which was originally inspired by the classic Roland SH-101—one of our all-time favorite synthesizers. Despite the SH-101’s seemingly limited architecture, it produces various creativ..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-PEDALS-FORGET-ME-NOT
Forget-Me-Not is a digital echo unit based on a fairly rare piece of rack gear. The original was designed as a reverberation unit but the implementation was a bit idiosyncratic, so the result ended up somewhere between reverb and delay. We’ve leaned into the differences between this unique approac..
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Brand: Keeley Model: KEELEY-GC-2
GC-2 Limiting AmplifierCompressor and Limiting AmplifierThe Keeley Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier provides true high-fidelity compression and limiting.The Keeley Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier is built around the exotic and extremely high-fidelity THAT Corp. 4320.  Think of it as very m..
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Brand: Diamond Model: DIAMOND-VIBRATO
Diamond VIBRATOAll-analog bucket brigade VibratoIT’S HEREThe original Diamond VIBRATO was conceived in late 2006 with a simple yet ambitious idea: crafting an analog, true-pitch Vibrato pedal, built around the revered MN3007 bucket brigade chip and promptly became one of the world’s most coveted and..
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Old Blood Noise Scooch Tap Tempo
New Pre-Order
Brand: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Model: OLD-BLOOD-NOISE-SCOOCH
Scooch is an external tap tempo footswitch designed for use with our Expression Ramper X3, Whitecap, and Blackcap. Simply plug scooch into the Tap In/Ext Tap jack with a TS cable and start tapping in your desired tempo! The pedal you plug Scooch into will handle the rest. Scooch can be used wit..
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Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper X3 Old Blood Noise Endeavors Expression Ramper X3
New Pre-Order
Brand: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Model: OLD-BLOOD-NOISE-EXPRESSION-RAMPER-X3
Expression Ramper X3 is more than the sum of its parts. It starts with three individual Expression Rampers, which are devices allowing you to pick two expression settings and move between them, either in one motion or as a continuous LFO activated by a footswitch. It then adds tempo syncing, new LFO..
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Brand: Source Audio Model: SOURCE-AUDIO-ATLAS
6 Types of Compression: The Atlas offers many different styles of compression with sounds inspired by studio rack gear and classic effects pedals.LA2A Optical Compression: A faithful recreation of an electro luminescent panel combined with a photo resistor and the resulting warm and smooth..
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Make Noise Bruxa
New Pre-Order
Brand: Make Noise Model: MAKE-NOISE-BRUXA
A multi-tap delay line with over a dozen unique feedback paths and multiple filters within those feedback pathsBruxa is a collaboration between Make Noise and Alessandro Cortini. Inspired by Cortini’s music and sonic experimentations, Bruxa embodies the seen and unseen, the sign and magic, the alche..
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Brand: Fairfield Circuitry Model: FAIRFIELD-CIRCUITRY-SPLIT
Dual TRS Breakout:A simple dual TRS (stereo) to TS 1/8" breakout, giving your modular and semi modular gear easy access to TRS CV jacks, such as the one on Randy's Revenge, greatly expanding it's capabilities.You can also hijack the EXP inputs of many popular pedals, giving you a solid 5V on the rin..
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