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Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-LISTEN-FOUR
The Listen Four is a four channel stereo mixer with line, modular, and headphone outputs. Two mono channels with Pan knobs and two stereo channels with dual inputs provide optimal compatibility with both stereo and mono signals. The Listen Four can be daisy-chained to other Listen modules to create ..
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Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-LISTEN-IO
The Listen IO is a simple module which gets signals in and out of a Eurorack system by converting to and from normal modular levels. The top section converts any external signal to modular levels by providing up to 30x gain (+30dB), allowing you to use table-top synthesizers, keyboards, phones/table..
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Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: ALM-BUSY-CIRCUITS-BXx2
The BXx2 is a dual channel preamp, EQ and mixer based on the classic Boss BX series mixers. Well loved for their unique character and musicality, the sound of the BX is found throughout countless techno records from the 80s & 90s.With the inclusion of both input gain and level controls, each cha..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-STEREO-AMP-1U
ST Amp is a 1U stereo amplifier designed to boost your external signals into modular levels. The module is designed under the Intellijel 1U format and uses the same pinout, making it fully compatible with the Intelljel case’s rear connectors.FEATURESStereo amplifier and signal booster.Three selectab..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-ACDC
AC/DC is a class-compliant DC coupled audio interface in Eurorack format. With its 6 HP, it is perfect for live performance and travel Rigs.Based on Rebel Technology OWL platform, It allows sending and receiving both CV and Audio at 16 bits 48 kHz. as well as load patches from Rebel’s library.It is ..
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The Output Bus is your ultimate output module: Presented by DivKid and Befaco, meant to be the last link in your modular chain!Inspired by pro audio and studio summing units the Output Bus allows for summing style mixing, external gear integration, soft clip limiting, flexible output types, headphon..
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Stereo Strip is a 6HP Eurorack module that builds upon the idea of a studio or mixer channel strip for a modular environment. If you’re new to the term ‘channel strip’ think of a single channel strip from a mixing desk. You’ll find amplification, EQ, panning, and level control options. Stereo Strip ..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-IN-AMP
Inamp is a dual pre-amp in just 4 HPs. Featuring 6,3 Jacks inputs as well as Minijacks. Both inputs are summed so you can use them at the same time as an input mixer.The unit is designed to amplify up to x20 the input signal, allowing to amplify most of the music machines out there (Domestic line le..
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Instrument Interface is an eurorack pre-amp capable to bring any type of audio signal to modular levels thanks to its amplification circuit.The module can drive regular and condenser microphones (+48V Phantom Powered) as well as Instrument and Line signals with a very low distortion ratio.Instrument..
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Brand: Boredbrain Music Model: BOREDBRAIN-INJECTR
Electric Guitar InterfaceInjectr is a fully-equipped electric guitar and bass interface for eurorack synthesizers. The module features an overdrive-capable preamp, versatile amp simulator, and control voltage extractors designed to inject stringed instrument signals directly into the modular environ..
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Brand: Boredbrain Music Model: BOREDBRAIN-MUSIC-XCELON
True Stereo Voltage-Controlled MixerXcelon is an all-analog six-channel stereo audio mixer for eurorack modular systems. With an interface designed for immediate hands-on control and visual feedback, plus extensive CV and expandability, the module is a powerful mixing tool for both performance and p..
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Brand: Boredbrain Music Model: BOREDBRAIN-MUSIC-XCELON-XP3
3-Channel Stereo Mix ExpanderXcelon XP3 is a three-channel stereo expander for the Xcelon eurorack mixer. The module’s channels are identical to those found on the main mixer. Up to two XP3 can connect to Xcelon, expanding the total number of mixer channels to either nine or twelve.Feature..
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