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Pedal Switches - Selectors

Brand: Boss Model: ES5
Boss ES-5 Effects Switching SystemBased on the same concept and features as the flagship ES-8, the ES-5 is pared down to offer more practical and essential use options for typical guitarists and bassists, and is drastically reduced in size to fit ready-made, standard-size boards. The innovation in c..
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Brand: Boss Model: ES8
Boss ES-8 Effects Switching SystemThe ES-8 Effects Switching System begins life with a sharp and clear mission: to provide pro and high-end users with cool and creative solutions. The innovative ES-8 is a system that represents a major leap "out of the box" from the standard individual stomp box uti..
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Brand: Boss Model: LS2
Boss LS-2 Line Selector Pedalit all) to the world's favorite line of compact pedals, they've been responsible for more guitar innovations than just about anyone else.Boss's compact pedal line-up began in 1977 with the classic OD-1 Overdrive. Its warm, smooth overdrive sounds and breakthrough Boss pe..
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Operates on White Whale V1 and V2.Use the White Whale Remote Control Footswitch to control the bypass state of each effect section (tremolo / reverb).Connect on reverb xp input jack and select FX SW on internal assign slider switch for White Whale V1.Connect on REMOTE input jack for White Whale V2.P..
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Brand: Crazy Tube Circuits Model: XTFootswitch
• Use the XT footswitch to control the operation of the modulation section of the Sidekick JR independently. Engage or true bypass the modulation effect.• XT footswitch bypasses the onboard modulation operation assign toggle switch of the Sidekick JR.• Connect to the XT jack input of the pedal.• Pas..
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Brand: EarthQuaker Devices Model: EQD-SWISS-THINGS
Swiss Things® combines two true-bypass Flexi-Switch® enabled effects loops, a Flexi-Switch® AB-Y box with transformer isolation between outputs, a buffered tuner output, 20dB of clean boost with adjustable gain, an expression pedal output for volume control and a quiet, high headroom output buffer i..
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Brand: Electro Harmonix Model: SWITCHBLADE-PRO
Create a multitude of different configurations for all of your signal routing needs!The EHX Switchblade Pro is our deluxe switching box featuring true mechanical bypass, soft switching, high quality and low noise buffers, volume controls for all input signals, high headroom and a multitude of possib..
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Brand: JHS Pedals Model: JHS-ACTIVE-A-B-Y
ACTIVE A/B/YSWITCHING UTILITY The JHS Pedals Active A/B/Y is the perfect solution when you need to send one signal to two outputs with the ability to choose either output (or both) on the fly.Just plug in your instrument cable (or patch cable) into the input, then use the outputs to send sign..
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Brand: JHS Pedals Model: JHS-SWITCHBACK
SWITCHING UTILITYThe JHS Pedals Switchback is a small unassuming box with a massive feature set. It began its life as a device that we designed just for ourselves to test and compare pedals in the JHS workshop but we soon realized that it was extremely useful for everyone’s guitar rig on stage or in..
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Brand: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Model: OLD-BLOOD-NOISE-OBNE-ABY-SWITCHER
OBNE AB/Y SWITCHERThe second addition of the OBNE Utility Line, the classic AB/Y Switcher.  It's simple: sometimes you need two outputs, sometimes you need two inputs.  And then you need to switch between them.  Or use them both at the same time.  That's it.  It's not magic...
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