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Random Generators

Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-RND
Rnd is a random voltage generator and random gate source with an internal clock. The output is a quantized random voltage between 0V and 10V. The attenuator control provides fine-tuning of the random voltage.This allows for a musically useful range to be defined. In addition, random gates are emitte..
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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-TM
TM is a probabilistic random sequence generator based on the research of Alan Turing. His Turing machine was a mathematical model of computation that could, in theory, create any output based on a set of instructions and input variables. In a similar way, the TM chooses random values for steps in a ..
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ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's PRO Workout
’Pamela’s PRO Workout’ is a compact programmable clocked modulation source for your Eurorack modular synthesiser system. It provides 8 highly editable outputs producing various control voltage signals, all correlated and synced to a BPM based master clock.Each output can produce anything from simple..
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Brand: AtoVproject Model: ATOV-PROJECT-DHO
We are pleased to present the Dual Harmonic Oscillator (DHO)!Complex oscillators are renowned for their amazing sonic potential, yet they can be challenging to fully exploit due to the many modulators they require.The DHO is a true analog sonic powerhouse. We used the power of digital controls to im..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-BURST
Burst is a Pingable Trigger Burst generator with distribution, probability, and time division control. It will create multiplications of your triggers, leading to doubles, triplets, quintuplets, and true polyrhythms for your modular system.FEATURESCustom trigger bursts up to 64 triggers.Voltage Cont..
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Brand: Der Mann Mit Der Maschine Model: DMMDM-DROID-MASTER
The DROID master is the central module in your DROID setup. In any Droid setup you need one master module. You can use it stand alone or with up to 16 controllers and up to one G8 and one X7 expander attached. Currently there are six different controllers available: B32,&nbs..
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Brand: Der Mann Mit Der Maschine Model: DMMDM-G8-SET
This set contains one master and one G8 expander. The G8 is very useful if you want to create more complex DROID patches since its additional eight gate inputs/outputs save valuable CV jacks in your master.Current Draw: 195 mA +12V | 15 mA -12V | 0&n..
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Brand: Der Mann Mit Der Maschine Model: DMMDM-LIVE-KIT
Do you want to get started with a decent Droid system and get a good price? Or you are not sure which expanders to buy? Then this kit is perfect for you. The selection is based on the experience and suggestions of many users and comes at a good price. In one nice big box you get:1 DRO..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-117
Module A-117 (DNG) is a combination module, including a digital noise generator and an 808 source.The digital noise generator uses random sequences of square waves (18 step shift register with multiple feedback), whose rate can go from random clicks to noise. The colour of the noise is very differen..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-118
Module A-118 is (as you might have guessed) a noise and random voltage generator. It produces three types of signal: white noise, colored noise, and random voltage. The noise signal is generated 100% analog by amplification of the noise of a transistor. White and colored noise can be used as audio s..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-118-2
Noise / Random / T&H / S&HModule A-118-2 is the slim version of module A-118-1 and offers essentially the same features as the A-118-1. But the distances between the controls are smaller and rubberized small-sized knobs are used. In return the front panel has 4 HP only which is half the widt..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-149-1
Module A-149-1 is the first module of the A-149-x range. In this group we present by popular request several functions of Don Buchla's "Source of Uncertainty 265/266" (SOU) modules that cannot be realized with existing A-100 modules. Many functions of Buchla's 265 and 266 SOU can be realiz..
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