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Verbos Electronics Adapter Cables 150 cm 2 Pack Grey Verbos Electronics Adapter Cables 150 cm 2 Pack Grey
High-quality 3.5mm / 6.3mm adapter cable made by Verbos Electronics. The cables feature gold-plated jacks.Length: 150 cmColor: GreyOne pack contains two cables...
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-AMP-TONE
OVERVIEWEntirely dicrete VCA combined with a vactrol controlled low pass filter. The sound is gorgeous somewhere between wood and acid and the input stage can distort really well when desired. Did we already mention the lack or any ICs in the signal path? In best old school fashion this thing is bui..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-BARK-FILTER
Fixed Filter BankA voluminous, voltage controllable analog filter bank comprised of twelve filter bands with individual outputs for envelope followers and audio, individual level control and dynamic frequency band scanning. The envelope followers' speed is globally adjustable.Due to the individual a..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-COMPLEX-OSCILLATOR
OVERVIEWDual oscillator following the west coast philosophy of one main oscillator with it's frequency or amplitude being affected by an modulation oscillator. Furthermore the main oscillator has athree wave shapers for altering timbre and for emphasizing certain harmonics. The internal modulation i..
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OVERVIEWThe Verbos Electronics Control Voltage Processor (CVP) is a workhorse for CV and Audio processing. It consists of a slew limiter / envelope and two identical four-channel CV and/or audio mixers. Bounce" is an unusual and unique function. The envelope will overshoot for a short time, then fal..
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Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole Verbos Electronics Dual Four Pole
Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-DUAL-FOUR-POLE
OVERVIEWThese old school 24dB filters take you on a time travel into the 60ies, directly into the tape music studios!Left-hand a high pass, right-hand a low pass; they can't oscillate but growl and screech a lot. This dual filter is discrete, without opamp ICs and is based on the core of an old 100-..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-FOUNDATION-OSCILLATOR
The long awaited small VCO from Verbos Electronics.The long awaited small VCO from Verbos Electronics. It is based on the same discrete transistor core as our other oscillators. In addition to outputs for the Square and Triangle waves directly from the core, there is a brand new multiplying waveshap..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-HARMONIC-OSCILLATOR
OVERVIEWAnalog additive oscillator module that generates the first eight harmonic as sine waves. The frequency spectrum can be processed in a creative way by 3 CV inputs. Linear FM, a voltage controlled signal mixer with faders and three outputs for standard wave forms are available as well. The osc..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-MULTI-DELAY-PROCESSOR
The Multi-Delay Processor isn’t just a high-quality echo effect, but was designed to be a fundamental ingredient of patches. Its core is a bank of eight digital delays, which are wired in series. Together, the circuits form a multi-tap echo. The volume of each signal repetition as well as the raw ma..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-MULTI-ENVELOPE
OVERVIEWThis dual, complex envelope generator offers various simultaneously available envelope types emitted at individual outputs. Voltage control of all time parameters and of sustain levels plus numerous pulse outputs invite to cross-patching, to create LFOs or for generating even more complex en..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-MULTIPLES
OVERVIEWA good old passive 2x4 multiples in only 3HP - the perfect choice for the customer who wants to implement a genuine Verbos splitter his all-Verbos system, alone for the sake of completeness.DETAILSAs all pulse outputs on Verbos modules are "floating diode" you can use a passive multiple also..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-NOISE-AND-FILTER
A simple noise generator and 4 band fixed filter bankA simple noise generator and 4 band fixed filter bank. The noise is normalled to the Filterbank input. The cutoff frequencies are matched to the Bark Filter, so that 3 bands of the Bark Filter correspond to 1 band on the Noise & Filter. It is ..
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