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Brand: 2hp Model: 30155
EG is a full featured two-stage envelope generator. In addition to a colossal range from 3ms to 11 minutes per stage, EG features the ability to switch between linear and exponential curves on the fly, a built-in attenuator, and CV over attack and decay. Boasting more features than modules five time..
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Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: 150223
The ‘Pip Slope’ (rev II) is a compact envelope and function generator. It supports both Attack/Decay and Attack/Sustain/Decay type envelopes with both direct and voltage control of Attack and Decay times. Envelope shapes can be morphed between exponential, linear and logarithmic type slopes. Envelop..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: 11670
The A-143 series of modules contain multiple modulation sources. Module A-143-2 is a four-fold ADSR type envelope generator. Other modules of this series are the Complex Envelope Generator A-143-1 (Quad AD) and the Quad LFO A-143-3.The module contains 4 independent ADSR-type envelope ..
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Dreadbox Ataxia Dual Modulator
Brand: Dreadbox Model: 99781
Dual ModulatorDual Modulator with 3 different modesRise-Hold-Fall Function GeneratorDelay-Rise-Fall-LFOADSR envelopeVariable Curve ResponseSeparate Trigger InputVoltage Controlled over Time and Level (velocity)Time Response from 1ms/curve up to 20sec/curve mA +12..
Ex Tax:74.79€ Furthrrrr Generator Furthrrrr Generator
Brand: Model: 14250
 The anticipated and much sought-after Furthrrrr Generator by Austrian manufacturer is a complex completely analog oscillator inspired by the buchla 259. The sound is obese and fat, has a tremendous bass but is gets much more complex by the plethora of features and makes the Furthr..
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Brand: Model: 14251
The Grand Terminal is a digital multipurpose module. Its two function generators can be used as envelopes, LFOs or VCOs. The 2 filter channels individually offer 8 modes of operation, and combined with its mixing and routing capabilities and a multi effects unit, it is not only a complete back end o..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95212
Two full ADSR EGs, two unique LFOs with plenty of features just in 10HP!We managed to put two full ADSR envelope generators, you can adjust one by one or two simultaneous AD/ASR envelope generators and unique, not seen before functionality LFO in just 10HP! This saves a lot of rack space, you can us..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 99107
Erica Synths Pico System III is affordable, compact, yet powerful sounding, full analogue modular system. It comes in two formats – eurorack and desktop.Features2-3-4 step sequencer2x VCOsVCO controller/VCA moduleseveral mixers that work both with CV and audio signalsModulator (syncable LFO, random ..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95123
Erica Pico Trigger module provides master clock for the Pico System, as well as it generates up to 16 step patterns of 4triggers – simple clock divider patterns, and more advanced polyrhythmic patterns of different step length for triggering drums.Patterns are user designed in custom ..
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Brand: Instruo Model: 99478
The Scíon is a biofeedback sensor built into a quad random voltage generator.Based on the MidiSprout by Datagarden (, It translates biodata from plants and other living things into music.Tiny changes in electrical current from organic material stimulate CV and gate signal..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: 96791
Eight channel CV expander module in 1UThe CVx 1U expander modules has eight user-configurable outputs and connects to the MIDI 1U module. Using the Intellijel Config app, you can assign each of the eight jacks to generate just about any type of voltage that can be derived from a MIDI signal; pitch, ..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: 100045
The Intellijel Metropolix is a unique and powerful multitrack Eurorack musical sequencer. With an abundance of hands-on, tactile controls and a wealth of modulation possibilities (both internal and external) you can quickly and easily create infectiously musical sequences that are never boring. Even..
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