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Brand: Doepfer Model: 11671
Overview: Module A-143-1 is a complex envelope generator that consists of Attack/Decay generators. For the complex envelope generator the four units are daisy-chained, i.e. the preceeding unit triggers the following unit. The four units can be used even as four separate AD generators (switch po..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: 99587
DUAL WINDOW COMPARATOR8 HP | +12: 20 mA, −12: 15 mA | JORC2User Manual (PDF)The window comparator is a very useful circuit building block that is common in general electronics, but rarely found in modular synths. While a regular comparator activates when the input signal voltage ..
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Brand: Synthrotek Model: 99788
OBEY is a dual function module: one half envelope follower and one half attenuverter / offset generator.Envelope Follower:The envelope follower is designed to work with a wide variety of input levels. The Low, Medium and High gain input selections let you plug a Eurorack module, passive microphone, ..
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Brand: WMD Devices Model: 95690
TOOL-BOX is a collection of six useful synthesizer utilities.This module includes a two input voltage summing section, a signal rectifier, bipolar comparator, analog OR (maximum), an inverter and a voltage controlled toggle switch.TOOL-BOX provides the tools required for spicing up your patches as w..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 19002
1989 Binary Conversion KomputorDrezno consists of a flexible ADC (analog-to-digital converter) and DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that can be cross-patched, or used independently. It offers:digital manipulation of analog signals and voltagesconverting slowly changing voltages to 8 rhytmic gatesco..
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 99234
1948 Audio Port & Voltage ExtractorBalanced, attenuated outputAmplified input (Import, precise wide range preamp circuit)Unique, very precise envelope follower with adjustable release range and hysteresisLow end cut filter to shape incoming signalComparator with trigger and gate outputshttp://xa..
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