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Brand: 4ms Model: 120450
The Listen Up is a small passive expander for the Listen modules that provides stereo 1/4" (6.35mm) jack inputs and outputs. It connects to one or two Listen modules and/or WAV Recorder module with the included 3-pin cables. There are four 1/4" jacks arranged in left/right pairs. The left jack of ea..
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4ms QCD expander
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Brand: 4ms Model: 120447
The QCD Expander is an expansion module for the Quad Clock Distributor (QCD).The QCD Expander adds a host of features, turning the QCD into a programmatic non-linear sequencer. Each channel gets a CV Trigger Delay (Pulse Width) jack and knob, an additional output jack with three selectable modes, an..
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Brand: 4ms Model: 120453
The RCD Breakout adds features to the Rotating Clock Divider module.Six switches allow you to set the maximum Divide-by amount, Gate or Trigger mode, Counting mode, Spread mode, and Auto-Reset. The RCD Breakout requires the RCD to function, and does not use any extra power.Basic Features:Gate Counti..
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Alm Busy Circuits Alm017-EX PEXP1 Alm Busy Circuits Alm017-EX PEXP1
Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: 95001
Expander module for Pamela's NEW WorkoutThe Pexp-1 is an expander module for Pamela’s NEW Workout offering additional dedicated fixed clocked outputs.Extend Pam as a master to clock external gear with a super solid MIDI & Din Sync dedicated clock outputs.Use extra fixed jack clocked gate outputs..
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Alm Busy Circuits Alm017-EX PEXP2 Alm Busy Circuits Alm017-EX PEXP2
Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: 95002
Expander module for Pamela's NEW Workout2HP module featuring 3.5mm jack type midi clock output and a x24 clock and run jack outputs. The jack outputs can be used to sync a second Pamela, derive a Din Sync output signal via an ALM D.S.G or adapter cable. The 3.5mm jack can be switched between differi..
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Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: 35330
DescriptionThe mmMidi is a simple & compact MIDI to CV interface for your Eurorack synthesiser. It translates both MIDI clock and 2 Channels of MIDI note, velocity and gate information to corresponding voltage control signals. The mmMidi is quick to set up and requires minimal configuration.&nbs..
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Brand: Antimatter Audio Model: 30025
Adds 8 switches/mults to the Launch CodesThis expander provides 8 handy in/out switches/mults in 4hp that are controlled by the outputs of the 5 Launch Codes channels. When each switch is not in use, its output provides a mult out of the designated Launch Codes channel. Use this expander with the La..
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Cosmotronic Messor
Brand: Cosmotronic Model: 120309
Stereo Compressor and Transient ShaperMessor is an analog stereo compressor with lots of tricks up its sleeve, in only 8HP.From squashing drums, sidechaining kicks and sculpting transients, to glueing a mix together, it's a very versatile dynamics manager.At its core it's a VCA based feed-forward co..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: 120480
A-126-2 Voltage Controlled Frequency Shifter II - Expansion ModulePlanned expansion module for the A-126-2 Voltage Controlled Frequency Shifter II giving users access to the following outputs (via the seven single pin headers):Envelope FollowerDome Filter 1Dome Filter 2Ring Modulator 1Ring..
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Doepfer A-127 BOM
Brand: Doepfer Model: 10071
In addition a breakout module A-127BOM is available. This expansion module offers the following additional functions:notch filter for each sub-unitseparate outputs for lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch for each sub-unitseparate audio input with attenuator for each sub-unitThe breakout module all..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: 11683
A-149-2 is an extension module for A-149-1. It makes available 8 digital random voltages (i.e. only low/high states like a gate signal). The outputs are controlled by the "Quantized Random Voltages" section of the assigned A-149-1 and correspond to the 8 digital outputs of the shift register th..
Ex Tax:46.22€ Gateway Gateway
Brand: Model: 14252
 Gateway as expander for' Terminal module allows for better envelope control as well as direct access to the hidden functions: CVs now can be routed directly to the parameters Shape or Duration and for each of the Terminals' channels there are two end-of&nb..
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