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Brand: Bjooks Model: 120808
Since its beginnings in 1972, Roland has become one of the most influential music brands in modern history. In 400 photo-packed pages, this book tells the story of how they got there, and how they brought the music world along for the ride.Few music companies have had Roland’s sheer technological im..
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Bjooks Patch & Tweak
Brand: Bjooks Model: 120813
Become a true master of your modular systemPATCH & TWEAK is a comprehensive look at modular synthesizers. It explores how to build them, how to use them, and how to get the most out of them, with beautiful illustrations and step-by-step tutorials with easy-to-read patch diagrams.Over 700 Modules..
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Brand: Bjooks Model: 120812
PATCH & TWEAK with KORG is an in-depth look at Korg’s diverse collection of patchable synthesizers – the MS-20 mini, ARP 2600 M, and volca modular, as well as the SQ-1 and SQ-64 sequencers and the NTS-2 Oscilloscope. Packed with patching tips, and synthesis tricks 25+ interviews w..
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Brand: Bjooks Model: 120537
PATCH & TWEAK with Moog is the ultimate resource for Moog synthesizer enthusiasts and musicians of all skill levels interested in an immersive modular synthesis experience.PATCH & TWEAK with Moog is the result of more than a year of collaboration with electronic music icons, establ..
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Brand: Bjooks Model: 120810
The definitive book on stompbox effectsPEDAL CRUSH is the ultimate guide to effects pedals and their creative use. If you run a guitar, bass, keyboard, or other instrument through stompboxes, PEDAL CRUSH will open new doors for you in ways you never imagined.Over 800 Pedals50 Interviews with artists..
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Brand: Bjooks Model: 120811
NEW Updated 2021-version with stunning new print and paper quality! Featuring more than 30 new or updated instruments — including the Polyend Tracker, the new Haken Continuum models, ASM Hydrasynth, Sensel Morph, Novation Launchpad X, and many others.Mankind touches music technologyPUSH TURN MO..
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Brand: Bjooks Model: 120809
SYNTH GEMS 1 is your guide to an eclectic and amazing collection of synthesizers as art. Experience the history, technology, and sonic innovation of electronic music in a completely new way.As much for serious synth enthusiasts as for newcomers to electronic music, SYNTH GEMS 1 is an enlightening lo..
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SynMag Verlag A Guide to Modular Worlds
Brand: SynMag Model: 10074
A Guide to Modular Worlds is a 300-page introduction to the basics of the modular synthesizer written by the authors Ulf Kaiser (longtime test leader of Keys) and Rolf-Dieter Lieb (Synmag).In 40 specialist chapters written in english, accompanied by 39 interviews with artists and manufacturers, tech..
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