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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-BELL
2hp Bell SilverBell is a melodic percussion generator based on modal synthesis. By synthesizing the vibrations of complex geometric shapes, Bell provides a simple interface for creating metallic sounds that can both emulate acoustic instruments, and defy physics. Its sonic palette includes numerous ..
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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-PLUCK
Pluck is a physical modeling synth voice. It uses the Karplus-Strong algorithm to create plucked string sounds. The dampening control sets the size of the string and allows for dramatic timbral shifts.The decay control changes note length from percussive transients to infinite harp sounds. In additi..
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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-VOWEL
Vowel is a speech synthesizer and formant oscillator. The module features two algorithms for generating sounds and word fragments based on the human voice. Knobs and CV inputs provide access to what Vowel is saying. The pitch of the resulting babbling can be varied from low baritone to high squeakin..
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The Spherical Wavetable Navigator (SWN) is a six-channel synthesizer that makes it easy to create slowly morphing drones, polyphonic melodies, evolving sequences, and rich textures.The SWN features six wavetable oscillators with independent pitch, level, and waveform controls. Six LFOs (Lo..
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The Stereo Triggered Sampler is a high fidelity, two-channel stereo sample recorder and playback module. The STS can record high quality stereo files, while simultaneously playing two different stereo files. A maximum of 600 samples can be loaded from the removable/swappable microSD card, in a varie..
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Brand: AtoVproject Model: ATOV-PROJECT-CDVCA
cDVCA or class-D VCA is a new kind of VCA based on an entirely novel concept that is inspired from class-D amplification technology. This is not a transparent VCA and brings a lot of character to the sound. The first VCA that tracks 1V/octConcept: The input signal is turned into an ultrasonic PWM si..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-KICKALL
Kickall is a 6HP compact synth voice that features everything needed to make a big fat Kick sound: A stable VCO that tracks V/Oct, a couple of VCAs, envelopes for volume and pitch, and an aggressive waveshaper.The module has been designed with a kick synthesis patch in mind: VCO to VCA with an envel..
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Noise Plethora is a multitimbral noise monster in 14HP.The module consists of three digital sound generators, followed by three analog multimode Filters. This combination makes it easy to sculpt different textures and noises and play with them intuitively and musically.The first two channels let you..
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Befaco Oneiroi
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-ONEIROI
Oneiroi is a live performance-oriented, multi-functional self-contained experimental digital synth focused on ambient pads and drone-like soundscapes.It features a full stereo signal path, 3 oscillators (2 mutually exclusive), 4 effects, and a looper. It also includes self-modulation and a randomize..
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Brand: Cosmotronic Model: COSMOTRONIC-VORTEX
Thru Zero Complex OscillatorA new 100% analog complex oscillator, featuring two independent VCO's. Both voices have a unique signal path and flavour. Complex cross modulations entangle them together, opening up completely new timbral territories.Features inlude the Thru Zero trinity; Frequency, Phas..
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Brand: Cre8audio Model: CRE8-CHIPZ
The Chipz module is a dual voltage-controlled oscillator / low-frequency oscillator module. The voltage-controlled oscillators are derived from classic lo-fi sounding wave shapes, designed to be full of character. Cre8Audio’s product description says “we started with the idea” that Chipz would be a ..
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Brand: Cre8audio Model: CRE8-NIFTY-BUNDLE
Start building your own Eurorack system. The Cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE, Case, Cellz, Chipz and Cables includes everything you need to create your own Eurorack system.The Cre8audio NiftyCASE Powered Eurorack Case with MIDI to CV is a compact yet robust case designed for housing a wide range of Eurorack m..
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