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Brand: Empress Effects Model: 120141
The ZOIA Euroburo is a digital modular system that can be placed in your modular system, a real Russian nesting doll situation. We added a headphone output and a super-slim optional case so the Euroburo can live happily on your desktop or be easily mounted in a Eurorack case. Hence the euro + buro, ..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 99542
Erica Synths Bassline is fully analogue synth voice module for ultimate basslines and leads. It features AS3340 VCO with three waveforms, a filter inspired by Erica Synths Acidbox and unique features - transistor based suboscillator and two BBD lines that emulate VCO detune creating a sound of massi..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 99107
Erica Synths Pico System III is affordable, compact, yet powerful sounding, full analogue modular system. It comes in two formats – eurorack and desktop.Features2-3-4 step sequencer2x VCOsVCO controller/VCA moduleseveral mixers that work both with CV and audio signalsModulator (syncable LFO, random ..
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Brand: Expert Sleepers Model: 45009
General MIDI-based sound sourceThe General CV is a combination of a powerful General MIDI synthesizer, a multi-channel CV-to-MIDI converter, and a host processor capable of generating huge amounts of MIDI data, either in response to control voltages (CVs) or entirely algorithmically.The module's sof..
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Brand: Future Sound Systems Model: 99997
Triple VCO focusing on wave-splicing synthesis techniquesThe Recombination Engine is a triple analogue voltage-controlled oscillator Eurorack module with a focus on a novel wave-splicing technique. The Recombination method can produce new, harmonically-rich timbres. Each oscillator is built around a..
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Intellijel Designs Atlantis
Brand: Intellijel Model: 13150
Dual Oscillator Subtractive Synth VoiceThe Atlantis is heavily inspired by the architecture and sound of the classic Roland SH-101. It has always been one of our favorite synths and we really liked how the seemingly limited architecture allowed for all sorts of creative and musically useful sounds t..
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Make Noise Strega
Brand: Make Noise Model: 96802
Strega is an audio alchemical experiment. Activate! Spill the tonic into time and let time decay through the filter to hear the results.
Strega is an instrument designed in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini. Inspired by Cortini's music and sonic experimentations, Strega embodies the seen and un..
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Malekko Manther Growl Malekko Manther Growl
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 99802
MANTHER GROWL is a full featured, Eurorack monophonic synth voice with an analog signal path, and like the Manther Tabletop, it includes a coveted CEM3340 VCO IC chip. The analog filter is based on an SSM2044 chip. Square, Saw and Triangle waveforms have their own individual level controls (manual c..
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Meng Qi DU-KRPLS (Circuit-Bent Digital Waveguide)
Brand: Meng Qi Model: 30409
DU-KRPLS is a physical modeling synthesizer voice that simulates the sound of string instruments. It is based on Karplus Strong algorithms. Small errors in the code were added to create results reminiscent of circuit bending. Compared to the Karp, this module is even more glitchy and unpredicta..
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Brand: Noise Engineering Model: 100021
Cursus Iteritas Percido is the second module in the Percido line of powerful synth voices. Similar to its predecessor the Loquelic Iteritas Percido, CIP takes the original Cursus Iteritas and adds the same musical envelope from LIP with attenuverter-controlled routing to every knob. With the inclusi..
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Brand: Noise Engineering Model: 100445
Standalone complex digital voiceLoquelic Iteritas Percido is an extension of the original Loquelic Iteritas. Like Loquelic Iteritas, it is a digital VCO with interpretations of threeclassic synthesis algorithms involving dual pitch control parameterized by four tone controls..
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Percussa - Super Signal Processor (SSP)
Brand: Percussa Model: 99636
Included DSP ModulesBuild your own patches on the SSP using the following DSP modules that come with the SSP:Wavetable Oscillator with true 3D morphing (XYZ) and cloud featuresSampler with Layering featuresLFO with multiple waveforms (sine, saw, square, triangle)Variable Frequency NoiseDC generatorE..
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