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Slew Limiters - Cv Convertors

Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-DUAL-ENV-VCA
The Dual EnvVCA is a two-channel analog linear envelope generator with two fully independent low-noise exponential VCAs. With time ranges from 30 minutes to 8kHz, it can be used as an LFO, slew limiter, ASR/ADSR complex EG, audio-rate oscillator, stereo audio/CV VCA, envelope follower, sidechain pro..
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Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-ENV-VCA
The EnvVCA is a compact analog envelope generator with a built-in low-noise exponential VCA. It's a perfect companion to any VCO, whether you trigger it or self-cycle, and/or use the envelope output to modulate something else. With a wide time range from 30 minutes to 10kHz, it can be used as an LFO..
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4ms Shaped Dual EnvVCA
Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-SHAPED-DUAL-ENV-VCA
The Shaped Dual EnvVCA is a two-channel analog envelope generator with waveshapers and a stereo linear VCA. Unlike conventional analog envelope modules, the waveform of each envelope can be controlled with a slider or CV without changing the envelope timing. With a wide time range from an hour to 2...
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ACL Sinfonion ACL Sinfonion
Brand: ACL Model: Sinfonion
Unleash the power of your modular system with the Sinfonion!Over the years, you have build a big modular system, containing lots of oscillators, filters, voices and sequencers...and now you would like to play all these together without ending in a cacophony?! Sinfonion is the answer!After a long tim..
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Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: ALM-BUSY-CIRCUITS-MEGA-MILTON
The ‘MEGA MILTON’ is a smorgasbord of handy all analog utilities in just 8HP that will greatly extend the functionality of your Eurorack system.It includes a stereo line input converter for incorporating line level external sources into a Eurorack system, a fixed 4 input mixer with breakout attenuat..
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The ‘Quaid Megaslope’ is a five stage function generator or modulator which operates in one of 3 modes; a multistage ‘CZ’ or ‘Juno’ style complex envelope, a super flexible LFO and a step sequencer with per step programmable slew or slides.Each mode produces a varying output voltage moving from poin..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-RAMPAGE
Rampage is Befaco’s approach to an old invention: the Serge/Buchla ramp generator.We took the idea of a “patch programmable” function generator/processor, put two units in the same module and expanded them with new functions and ways to combine them: Slope detectors, analog logic functions, and evol..
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Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-SLEW-LIMITER
A voltage-controlled slew limiter, AKA Lag Processor.A slew limiter is a device that smoothes an incoming signal, limiting the maximum rate of the output voltage over time. It is widely used with pitch CVs to obtain portamento and CV slides, but is also very useful for converting a gate si..
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Brand: Cosmotronic Model: COSMOTRONIC-DELTA-V
Dual Amped Function GeneratorDelta-V is a fully analog dual channel function generator, with a dedicated VCA and cycle switch for both channels. A versatile tool that packs a great amount of functionality in only 10HP. Trigger envelopes, slew incoming gates and signals,or generate LFO..
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Brand: Cosmotronic Model: COSMOTRONIC-DELTA-V-REV-3
Delta-V is a dual function generator with a built in VCA's.FEATURESDelta-V is a fully analog dual-channel function generator, featuring a dedicated VCA and LFO cycle switch for each channel. It packs a great deal of functionality in only 10HP, and will surely find use in almost every patch.Generate ..
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Brand: Der Mann Mit Der Maschine Model: DMMDM-DROID-MASTER
The DROID master is the central module in your DROID setup. In any Droid setup you need one master module. You can use it stand alone or with up to 16 controllers and up to one G8 and one X7 expander attached. Currently there are six different controllers available: B32,&nbs..
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Brand: Der Mann Mit Der Maschine Model: DMMDM-G8-SET
This set contains one master and one G8 expander. The G8 is very useful if you want to create more complex DROID patches since its additional eight gate inputs/outputs save valuable CV jacks in your master.Current Draw: 195 mA +12V | 15 mA -12V | 0&n..
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