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Tremolo Vibrato Pedals

Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-SUGARCUBE
Some like their chorus tones toothache sweet. Others just want a hint of syrupy swirl. And no matter where you fall on that spectrum, the Sugarcube delivers. We captured the essence of all our favourite chorus pedals from the 80s, added in a dash of rotary whirl and some crystallized pitch-shif..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-SYNTAX-ERROR-2
Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 is a noisemaker, designed to help you create your very own arcade soundtrack using guitar, bass, keys, or whatever. Featuring the powerful new FXCore DSP, Syntax Error 2 packs more power, punch, and possibilities than any other Alexander pedal thus far.Syntax Err..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-WAVELENGTH
More.  That’s the best way we can describe the sounds and features of the Wavelength.  We took everything from our Waveland Multi-Modulator and blew it up larger than life, while keeping it the exact same size. We’ve added some welcome improvements like more modulation engines and tap..
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Brand: Asheville Music Tools Model: ASHEVILLE ACV-1
The Analoger™ Series ACV-1 chorus/vibrato/slapback is the latest creation in their series of 100% analog effects. The ACV-1 consists of a modulated BBD delay line with a flexible supporting cast of synthesizer-inspired controls.On the surface, the ACV-1 is simply a highly tweakable classic chorus. I..
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Brand: Boss Model: PS6
Boss PS6 Harmonist PedalMeet the BOSS PS-6 harmonist, with four intelligent pitch-shift effects and three-voice harmony in one convenient unit. Among the effect modes are Harmony, Pitch Shifter, and Detune, plus the Super Bend for authentic pedal-bending effects and wild three -- and four -- octave ..
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Brand: Boss Model: TR2
Provides guitarists with high-quality vintage tremolo effects in an easy-to-use compact pedalDedicated "Wave," "Rate" and "Depth" knobs allow for precise effect tailoring"Rate" control allows for higher speed adjustment than classic PN-2"Wave" control alters LFO waveform from triangle to square"Dept..
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Brand: Boss Model: VB2W
Premium edition Waza Craft pedal delivers the ultimate BOSS tone experienceCustom mode features a totally new vibrato sound with unique filter waveStandard mode provides a true reproduction of the vintage VB-2 Vibrato soundAll-analog circuit with BBD (bucket brigade) vibrato lineControl the effect d..
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Brand: Caroline Guitar Company Model: CAROLINE-ARIGATO
A phaser even for people who don't normally like phasers, Arigato™ delivers incredible modulation, range, and warmth.ARIGATO neither seeks to recapture the sounds of the past, nor to be state of the art. It is a snapshot of a future we were promised as children. It is our way of saying thank you to ..
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Brand: Caroline Guitar Company Model: CAROLINE-PARABOLA
Think of this as your rig’s new “tremolo channel”. We’ve adapted the deliciously sloshy, transistor-based LFO and distinctive waveform from our favorite “West German” device, modified its speed and depth to match and go beyond those from your favorite classic amps, and then added pre and post effect..
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Brand: Caroline Guitar Company Model: CAROLINE-SOMERSAULT
From seasick wobbles to glitchy bleep-bloops and “I think I can” huffs and puffs, the crazy sounding stuff was actually the easy part for us. So once you’re done maxing out different settings to hear what kinds of bizarre wowie-zowie sounds you can make with this thing, we encourage you to explore t..
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Brand: Catalinbread Model: CATALINBREAD-TREMOLO-8
"Tremolo" is only scratching the surface. With 8 unique programs, the Tremolo8 shows you what volume modulation is truly capable of.In a past life, this project started as a pedal for our personal enjoyment; a digitized model of the Fender Showman’s "harmonic vibrato". The experiment was a resoundin..
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Brand: Collision Devices Model: CD-NOCTURNAL
Shimmer Reverb with Modulated Delay & Dynamic Tremolo Looking for an ambient and textures creation box? As huge fans of cinematic atmospheric soundtracks and ambiences we wanted to develop a pedal made for soundscapes creation.It's composed of a Shimmer Reverb, a Dynamic Tremolo and a Modulated ..
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