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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-LUMINUS
Alexander Pedals LuminousLuminous We sent a team of sonic scientists deep into the arctic circle on a secret mission: to capture bits of the Aurora Borealis so we could transmute them into a pedal. What emerged was Luminous, equal parts phaseshifter and swirly glowing haze machine. It dance..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-WAVELENGTH
More.  That’s the best way we can describe the sounds and features of the Wavelength.  We took everything from our Waveland Multi-Modulator and blew it up larger than life, while keeping it the exact same size. We’ve added some welcome improvements like more modulation engines and tap..
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Brand: Allpedal Model: ALLPEDAL-MICRODOSE
A new phaser offering a plethora of options, in collaboration with Spaceman Effects.This collaboration, inspired by the previously discontinued Spaceman Effects Explorer Deluxe, presents a plethora of phasing options and more. The Microdose Phaser is crafted for guitarists with a penchant for rich "..
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Brand: Boss Model: PH3
Compact pedal with versatile vintage and modern BOSS phasingNew "Rise" and "Fall" modes create unidirectional phasingIncludes classic multi-stage phasers with selectable stagesRealtime control of Rate via optional expression pedalTap tempo sync of phasing effectsBOSS five-year warrantyNominal Input ..
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Brand: Caroline Guitar Company Model: CAROLINE-ARIGATO
A phaser even for people who don't normally like phasers, Arigato™ delivers incredible modulation, range, and warmth.ARIGATO neither seeks to recapture the sounds of the past, nor to be state of the art. It is a snapshot of a future we were promised as children. It is our way of saying thank you to ..
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Brand: Catalinbread Model: CATALINBREAD-MANY-WORLDS
The Many Worlds is an eight-stage phaser with eight selectable phase control parameters, six LFOs and two envelope-dependent phase shift modes. Yes, you can get classic, swirly and rich, vibe-esque phaser sounds from the Many Worlds. The fun doesn’t stop there, however; we take you on a multi-v..
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Brand: Crazy Tube Circuits Model: CDC-CYCLONE
Cyclone is an all analog phaser effect voiced after classic phaser designs of the past. We set out to emulate the phasing notches – frequency shifts and the behavior of the original unit that each of the voicings is modelled after. With the addition of extra controls, not part of the classic designs..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-DISTURBANCE
The DISTURBANCE is an extreme filter, flanger, and phaser with modulation like you've never heard before.DISTURBANCE’s controls allow for a wide range of sounds to be sculpted perfectly to your needs. The ‘Tensity’ knob changes the feedback amount and structure of all effects, with two totally diffe..
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Brand: Dreadbox Model: DREADBOX-LETHARGY
Lethargy derives from the greek word for forgetfulness, “Lethe”. It is a state of being drowsy and dull. The feeling of having little energy or of being unable or unwilling to do anything.Dreadbox LETHARGY is an OTA based Phase Shifter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments&nbs..
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Brand: EarthQuaker Devices Model: EQD-DATA-CORRUPTER
Data CorrupterModulated Monophonic Harmonizing PLLThe Data Corrupter is a monophonic analog harmonizing PLL with modulation. It takes your input signal and brutally amplifies it into a crushing square wave fuzz tone that is then multiplied, divided and modulated to create a wild, yet repeatable, thr..
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Brand: EarthQuaker Devices Model: EQD-GRAND-ORBITER-V3
Grand Orbiter is a 4 stage OTA-based phaser with a diverse feature set that can go from stationary and resonant to slow and mellow and on through fast and swirly. It has three way toggle switch to select between the ranges of modulation. The master Rate control fine tunes the speed of the LFO in eac..
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Brand: Electro Harmonix Model: MOD-REX
The Electro Harmonix Mod Rex is the ultimate mix-and-match modulation pedal. Use this all-encompassing stompbox with synth or guitar to produce the most diverse polyrhythms imaginable. It boasts four independent modulation engines able to sync together or work separately, so you ..
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