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Death By Audio

This might be our craziest pedal. Showing little-to-no respect for what instruments normally sound like, or even what people want them to sound like, we pushed this thing until it sounded fully unhinged. Want a thick, gnarly fuzz sound? How about a crushing distortion tone? Sure, you can do tha..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-APOCALYPSE
The Apocalypse is our jack-of-all trades fuzz pedal. After being dramatically overdriven, the signal is routed to one of five selectable post-amplifiers for five wild and unique fuzz tones. Toggle through its five signal paths and choose your desired apocalyptic sound. To further refine this be..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-DEEP-ANIMATION
ENVELOPE FILTER WITH SERIOUS ATTITUDEThis mangled, filter-sweeping, abruptly overdriving pedal is designed to respond to your playing. It syncs its wave-thumping movement with the force at which you play.  It multiplies dynamics into a hyper-exaggerated frenzy. It adds just the right amoun..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-DISTURBANCE
The DISTURBANCE is an extreme filter, flanger, and phaser with modulation like you've never heard before.DISTURBANCE’s controls allow for a wide range of sounds to be sculpted perfectly to your needs. The ‘Tensity’ knob changes the feedback amount and structure of all effects, with two totally diffe..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-ECHO-DREAM-2
LUSH MODULATING ECHOA powerful, ethereal, and nuanced delay pedal with otherworldly controls. Push the feedback for vast worlds of colorful sound. Introduce a bit of warble with the modulator for ghastly chorus tones, or a ton of it to absolutely warp the delayed signal. Once your delay is thoroughl..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-ECHO-MASTER
PSYCHEDELIC VOCAL TRIPDesigned for vocals, the Echo Master is a lo-fi, analog tape-style delay unit that can transform your voice into a chaotic realm of noise and feedback. The effects loop allows additional effects to be placed in the signal chain, making it easy to use any of your ..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-EVIL-FILTER
FOR THE TRULY WILDPsycho multimode filter with an ultra sleek, laser etched enclosure. Its medical grade IC chip creates a hyper precise filter that sounds like no other. With high pass, band pass, and low pass modes, as well as two types of screaming resonance, the Evil Filter is rea..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-FUZZ-WAR
Call in the Army, the Navy, Scotland Yard, your mom, and the Mario Brothers! You'll need all the help you can get to stop this endless wall of fuzz from raging! This kill-all circuit explodes the meanest, nastiest, most insane distortion to make you the ruler of the fuzz universe.This Death By ..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-GERMANIUM-FILTER
TRUE VINTAGE DISTORTION.The Germanium Filter is our love letter to sticking a pencil through your speaker. Start with a console-style drive circuit, made from obsolete germanium transistors, and finish it off with a super intense DBA-style filter, and BLAMO! You’ve got a sound heavy enough to crush ..
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SOUNDS LIKE A CRANKED 50S TUBE AMPThe Interstellar Overdriver is a true overdrive pedal, designed to blast your amp with your sound. Beautifully transparent and based around a discrete circuit, this pedal is all about the natural, wonderful sound of turning an amp up too loud. It's&nb..
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DOUBLE INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVER+++The Interstellar Overdriver Deluxe consists of two amazing, fully analog, Interstellar Overdriver pedals featuring additional, revamped options! Not only can you create unearthly overdrive and fuzz sounds by routing the first channel into the second, but there a..
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Brand: Death By Audio Model: DBA-MICRO-DREAM
BEAUTIFUL LO-FI DELAYSimilar to the thick and gooey sound of the Echo Dream 2, the MICRO DREAM is a streamlined and compact version that still retains the beautiful, decayed delay sound. that made the Echo Dream famous. Push the delay past its limits by increasing the delay time to a full secon..
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