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Brand: 29 Pedals Model: 4001130
EUNA is the Elite UNity Amplifier from 29 Pedals. An input driver that replaces a conventional buffer, EUNA is built to protect and condition your instrument's signal to prepare it for whatever you want to do with it. Console grade build, three great sounding filters, and an alt-path insert loo..
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Brand: 29 Pedals Model: 120177
OAMP is the Output AMPlifier from 29 Pedals.An output driver that replaces conventional buffers, line drivers and preamps, OAMP makes up to 29dB of gain, provides final signal conditioning and sweetening, and will drive lots of cable or capacitive loads. OAMP will drive down to 600 ohms! T..
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Brand: Benson Amps Model: 820157
Benson Preamp Pedal is a Benson Chimera 30 Watt amp-in-a-box. It captures the sound and feel of the original Chimera amplifier. Because it uses FET transistors in stead of tubes it clips harder than its amp counterpart would.The pedal adds thickness to your tone and it will give you a smooth Bluesy ..
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Chase Bliss Audio Preamp MKII Chase Bliss Audio Preamp MKII
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Brand: Chase Bliss Audio Model: 35259
PREAMP MKIIThe first Automatone.What happens when you combine the DNA of Benson Amps’ Chimera in a box Preamp with a little fuzz, some of Condor’s resonant parametric mids, and full blown preset control from your friends at Chase Bliss Audio? The Preamp MKII. Built in collaborati..
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Brand: Humboldt Electronics Model: 99978
The amp can be used as a stereo 2-channel amplifier, two parallel amplifiers for full stereo signal chain, or with two guitars at the same time, each with its own amp and FX loop.After its previously successful introduction of the Simplifier analog preamp/cab sim, Chilean-based DSM Humboldt is annou..
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Brand: Electro Harmonix Model: 16109
Take the sound of the Big Muff up a notch with the Metal Muff distortion pedal. With 3-band EQ and footswitchable Top Boost, it's a headbanger's best friend.Step up and stomp down on the Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff distortion pedal for some awesome metal-voiced distortion. This metal-infused Big Muf..
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Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16088
The Greer Amps Moonshot is our take on a true classic circuit. This pedal is inspired by vintage Germanium preamp circuits of days gone past. Featuring two controls, the Moonshot has a great tonal range, and can provide wonderful texture, when pushing the front end of an amplifier. The Treble/Mid co..
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Brand: Greer Amps Model: 16094
A brave new world of tone, the SOMA ‘63 Vintage Preamp is the first pedal in the XFR series of pedals from Greer Amps. The SOMA ’63 is a true vintage preamp, based on the tone and feel of vintage brown era amplifiers from California. This pedal simulates the entire preamp, phase inverter, power sect..
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Brand: Jackson Audio Model: 211199
The AMP MODE Boost is a MOSFET transistor boost and is the exact same circuit that is found in our best selling PRISM Preamp! Ask anyone who owns a PRISM and they'll most likely tell you that their favorite mode of the PRISM is the AMP MODE.Since we released the PRISM in 2016, we have been inundated..
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Brand: Meris Model: 120324
Install Meris 440 Mic Preamp into your 500 series lunchbox and connect your post effects pedals to the loop. Your guitar and amp will love it.Features:Legendary Cinemag Input and Output transformers for classic American mic pre toneHybrid-Discrete opamps receiving and driving each respecti..
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Brand: Neunaber Model: 222233
 DescriptionNeuron achieves a seamless array of incredible amp tones in a compact pedal, from sparkling clean to heavy distortion and everything in between. A multistage, dynamic gain architecture yields unparalleled control over the desired amount of distortion, effortlessly producing harmonic..
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