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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120598
1959 TIMEDRIVE is an overdrive pedal designed for “old tone style” distortions. Ideal for use as both a signal boost and an overdrive. The characteristic that distinguishes it is the faithful saturation typical of the most famous British amplifiers combined with an impact signal dynamics. Inspired b..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120606
BRUTO MKI is a pedal preamplifier which integrates many analog devices connected together. In compact dimensions BRUTO MKI included: two or three channels with independent tone stack, solo (can be activated on all functions), four buffers (input, output, send, return, spa sim out), one speaker cab s..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120601
ECHOFET BABY is an echo effect created to revive the characteristics of the sonority of the legendary Echorec Binson. Totally re-engineered to make it more suitable for today’s needs, ECHOFET BABY not only maintains the sound foundations of its predecessor but improves several aspects. It offers a d..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120685
ECHOLTD2° is an echo unit that maintains the same technical characteristics as the old model; slightly increase the size so as to accommodate the two delay time controls, the magic eye, the wet-out and the buttons that select the tone filter. We have put all our attentions into evolving a better and..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120605
FLORENCE 1176 is an optical compressor that is inspired and evolves the “signal way” of the historic compressor 1176. Unlike its predecessor, it uses a latest generation of optocoupler that allows us to offer three different modes of use: compressor, limiter, sustainer.FLORENCE 1176 is a compre..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120596
INFORMATIONS FCC RULES1. Re-orient or transfer the receiving antenna. 2. Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver. 3. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that. 4. Consult the dealer or an experienced radio / TV technician. JMH AMPLIFIER i..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120608
POMPEII PE603 is an echo unit that aims to revive the emotions of the past but in a smaller pedal and with improved sonic performance. Tonewise the PE603 provides from classic slap-back to up to 740mS delay. The swell mode creates a reverberation and is made possible through the use of all the heads..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120603
POMPEII T1 is an echo effect created to recive the 3rd and 4th head filters of the sonority of POMPEII PE603. Totally re-engineered to make it more suitable for today’s needs. It’s designed with a full tube pre-amplifier and equipped with a new compact and elegant chassis. POMPEII T1 is equipped wit..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120597
Cicognani Engineering Sexyboost V2Sexyboost V2SEXYBOOST2 is an analog tube boost that integrates two important functions: clean signal boost and midrange boost. SEXYBOOST2 functions, in total sound transparency, makes it possible to excel in its features both in “front-preamp” and “post-preamp” use,..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120600
SEXYCOMP76 is a high quality photo-resistor compressor/limiter optimized for live use and studio recording with guitar, bass and acoustic string instruments. It offers two modes:1. Compressor2. LimiterCOMPRESSOR: The use of the compressor is often made necessary to guarantee a greater length of the ..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120599
SIMPLY MANIAC is an overdrive pedal designed for “classic hard distortion” ideal for rock asolo. The great dynamics of the signal is generated by a dual power circuit that providing excellent benefits to the touch offering an amazing sound definition. Inspired by the “brown sound” SIMPLY MANIAC rang..
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Brand: Cicognani Model: 120607
SPECIALE DD1959 is an evolution of “Double Decker” project which is inspired by the legendary British tone of 1959. Two channels offer edge to super lead sounds (from blues to hard rock). It can be used with an amp or as a DAW where thanks to the new update a clean channel has now been added. In thi..
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