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Cicognani Le Prism

Cicognani Le Prism
Cicognani Le Prism
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Le Prism is a creative machine designed for recording studios and live performances that integrates the history of analog sounds of vintage Italian echo units ranging from the Model 1 to the PE-603. It was developed following precious advice from Jonathan Wilson, Jon Carin and Giampaolo Noto by taking care of every single detail in order to create the best Italian echo ever, as a way to celebrate the brand's 30th anniversary.

It offers 4 delay times + 4 selectable feedbacks, summable and adjustable as desired. The 4 delay times are synchronized exactly like old vintage units with delays of 78, 156, 234, and 312ms and can even be increased to 700ms with the Varispeed control while maintaining the heads perfectly synchronized. The 4 feedbacks follow the same delay times as the 4 single heads and allow various combinations in order to obtain better psychedelic sounds and different types of musical soundscapes.

A new concept of stereo inspired by the past has been designed with a new mono to stereo analog converter circuit in full 60s/70s style. Le Prism is a mono unit which simulates not only the stereophony but makes it alive thanks to its touch sensitivity and by following the signal dynamics of other devices connected to it. The 2 output channels are affected by an opposing phase shift of the signal which generates a uniquely realistic stereo simulated effect.

The Magic of Age modulation control, as featured in all of the brand's echo effects, simulates the mechanical fluctuations often present in old Italian echo units. A data archive was created by testing and measuring several echo units and used to calibrate the Le Prism with the data's average fluctuations.

The Selector control allows you to select 3 different modes: Echo (single repeat), Rep. (multiple repeats) and Swell (4 delay times in parallel + 4 feedback).

• Extended linearity tube preamplifier
• 4 selectable, summable, and adjustable delay times
• 4 selectable, summable, and adjustable feedbacks
• Simulated mono or stereo with output volume adjustment
• Feedback control with tone adjustment
• Input adjustment and display
• Parallel mix of the effect
• Selectable fade-off effect
• Tube's LED in sync with modulation time
• Backlit panel
• Buffered outputs
• 12V DC 500mA (negative tip)
• Tube: ECC82/12AU7

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