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Sampler - Looper

Brand: 1010 Music Model: 1010-MUSIC-BITBOX-MICRO
Bitbox Micro – Compact Sampling ModulePowerful Sampling Capabilities in a Smaller Form FactorFeaturesSample PlaybackPlay up to 24 stereo polyphonic notes when your samples fit in the 64 MB of internal memory or up to 8 larger stereo samples streaming directly from the microSD cardConfigure 8 stereo ..
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Brand: 1010 Music Model: 1010-MUSIC-BITBOX
Bitbox is a 26HP Eurorack module that delivers recording, clip launching, and looping in a musically intelligent way. With a 24-bit audio path, you can capture and play samples with impeccable audio quality. With clock and MIDI inputs, you can create loops pre-cut to bars or beats and laun..
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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-LOOP
Loop is a high fidelity looper with four unique recording modes and an intuitive user interface. It can capture up to five minutes of audio with reverse, and half-speed playback accessible. Each recording can use one of four modes: Sound on Sound, Dub, Replace, and Infinite (i.e. Frippertronics). Wh..
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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-PLAY
Sample PlayerPlay is a high fidelity sample player with a full feature set.Up to 32 samples can be loaded at a time and dynamically switched between using the file knob and associated CV input. Playback modes include one-shot, looping, or gated playback; all with extremely low latency. Transform you..
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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-SLICE
The 2hp Slice is a compact beat repeat/glitch engine built to add click-less stutters, digital glitches, and more to your patch. With an onboard Triplet toggle, seamlessly include and remove triplets from the Size range, perfect for those trap style fills you can't live without. With massive repeat ..
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Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-LOOPING-DELAY
Crystal-clear clock-synced delay for loop up to 90 seconds, echoes, sound-on-sound, Karplus-Strong etc.Loop or echo time is synchronized to a clock87 seconds of delay/loop time maximum48kHz/24-bit sampling rate, loop recorded at 16-bit (24-bit optional)Extremely quiet, low noise and low jitter desig..
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Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-SAMPLER
The Sampler is a variation of the Stereo Triggered Sampler.Record, play and loop stereo .wav files with an SD Card. Includes the same 2022 Sampler Pack from the Stereo Triggered Sampler.Overview:The Sampler plays stereo or mono .wav files from an SD Card. Samples are arranged into banks by placing ...
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The Stereo Triggered Sampler is a high fidelity, two-channel stereo sample recorder and playback module. The STS can record high quality stereo files, while simultaneously playing two different stereo files. A maximum of 600 samples can be loaded from the removable/swappable microSD card, in a varie..
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Brand: 4ms Model: 4MS-WAV-RECORDER
The WAV Recorder from 4ms Company is a high fidelity, two-channel stereo audio recorder with basic playback features. Accepting a wide range of input signals, from line-level to modular-level, the WAV Recorder stores audio onto a microSD card in lossless .wav format up to 96kHz/24-bit. The trigger j..
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ALM Busy Circuits Squid Sample ALM Busy Circuits Squid Sample
Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: ALM-BUSY-CIRCUITS-SQUID-SAMPLE
DescriptionThe ‘Squid Salmpler’ is a Eurorack 8 channel audio & CV sampler. It is designed for immediate real time sampling, editing and mangling within a modular context.Taking influence from early hardware samplers, The Squid Salmple focuses on usability & instinctive operation, incorporat..
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Brand: Bastl Instruments Model: BASTL-INSTRUMENTS-BASIL
Flexible Stereo Space DelayBasil is a compact, yet flexible, digital stereo delay module built on the Bastl Pizza platform. It offers clean delay, as well as lo-fi flavors, and its Space section opens the doors to exploration far beyond simple delay territory. The Basil delay buffer modulates really..
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Brand: Blukac Instruments Model: BLUKAC-ENDLESS-PROCESSOR-BLACK
Dual-channel infinite sound sustainerEndless Processor is a dual-channel infinite sound sustainer machine.Put your favorite instruments, unique timbres, or field recordings - virtually any sound - and make it last forever.It is not a looper in the usual sense - Endless Processor resynthesizes your s..
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