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4ms Dual Looping Delay
Brand: 4ms Model: 120439
The Dual Looping Delay (DLD), designed by 4ms and Gary Hall, is an advanced audio processor for creative synthesis. Not a tape or analog emulation but a modern crystal-clear digital delay, the DLD combines features of delay, looping, and sample-tight synchronization for powerful and dynamic sound ca..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: 99694
F-13 Neo FlangerAlien mojo meets military tech, circa 1958.  The F.13 Neo is our take on space junk stolen from Area 51 and put into the service of rock 'n' roll.  Equal parts science, art, weapon and instrument, the F.13 Neo generates interplanetary flange never heard in this galaxy or an..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: 400120
The History Lesson Vol.3 is our loving homage to the best echoes the past has to offer.We’ve included our favourite echo and delay sounds ranging back over 60 years. We focused on vintage tech like tape echo, analog “bucket brigade” delay, and digital time manipulation. You’ll find a host of familia..
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Alexander Pedals Quadrant Audio Mirror Alexander Pedals Quadrant Audio Mirror
Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: 99693
QuadrantJourney with us into the Quadrant - four unique effects hailing from a distant delay dimension.  We hold a mirror up to your music, and reflect the echoes from a parallel universe.Magnetic, analog, digital, and lo-fi delays await within, coupled with the power of our Neo Series platform..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: 99687
Radical Delay DX features six delay modes, all of which are adjustable to play from 24kHz down to 1.6kHz bandwidth using the CLOCK knob.The maximum delay time varies by mode and clock rate, but it varies from 680ms to over 5000ms. Yep, that’s over 5 seconds of delay time, but it sounds terrible. I..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: 120493
It’s time to rediscover your affinity for trippy reverse reflections, washed-out reverberations and crystal-clear repeats. The Alexander Pedals Rewind is a reimagining of our flagship delay platform. Ten rejuvenated delay types, all the under-the-hood functionality you require, and an OLED display f..
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Alexander Pedals Sky 5000 Alexander Pedals Sky 5000
Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: 99688
Reverb.  Delay.  Repeat.The Sky 5000 bathes your signal in an excess of echoes, a deluge of delay, and a surfeit of shimmer.  All of the ambience you desire is a footstep away.Building a great delay pedal was foremost in our minds when we designed the original Sky Fi.  Developmen..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: 99658
SuperballModulate Everything.We took the leash off of what started as an experimental delay engine and Superball is what happened.An uber-flexible LFO, dedicated time sequencing, and resonant low-pass filter combine for the bounciest digital delay oscillations you can imagine.Warning: We’re not gett..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: 120512
Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 is a noisemaker, designed to help you create your very own arcade soundtrack using guitar, bass, keys, or whatever. Featuring the powerful new FXCore DSP, Syntax Error 2 packs more power, punch, and possibilities than any other Alexander pedal thus far.Syntax Err..
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Asheville Music Tools ADG-1 Analog Delay Asheville Music Tools ADG-1 Analog Delay
Brand: Asheville Music Tools Model: 11259
100% Analog delay / 16-700ms time range with modulationThe ADG-1 is the latest installment in Hawker’s legacy of highly sought-after analog delay designs. Utilizing a pair of Xvive™ high voltage BBDs, this delay features up to 700ms of harmonically rich, perfectly floating echoes with an extensive ..
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Brand: Boss Model: 95682
Boss DD-200 Digital Delay PedalThe DD-200 Digital Delay brings together sounds inherited from the flagship DD-500 into an even smaller package. Twelve modes offer delay colors from modern digital to classic analog, providing everything from basic echoes to rich ambient pads and everything in-between..
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Brand: Boss Model: 95681
Boss DD-3T Digital Delay PedalBOSS's iconic DD-3 Digital Delay has been a pedalboard staple since 1986, loved everywhere for its great sound and simple operation. With the DD-3T, we've updated the classic stomp with enhanced functionality while fully retaining the original's sound and control layout..
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