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OTO BAM Space Generator Reverb OTO BAM Space Generator Reverb
Brand: OTO Machines Model: OTO-BAM
BAM is a stereo reverb processor inspired by the late 70s / early 80s digital reverberator units.These units are sought after by sound engineers, producers and musicians for their grainy, warm and musical reverberations.Here at OTO, we are passionated by the technology of the digital reverberators, ..
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Brand: OTO Machines Model: OTO-BEBE-CHERIE
Bébé Chérie is a 6-channel stereo analog mixer with a one-knob compressor and a Bliss enhancer on the master bus.The first 4 channels offer a variable input gain (up to 34 dB) with an asymmetrical diode clipper for smooth and musical distortion.The Tilt pot is a simple yet powerful one-knob equ..
Ex Tax:628.57€
Brand: OTO Machines Model: OTO-BIM
BIM is a 12-bit stereo delay unit inspired by some studio delay processors built in the early 80s. These monophonic processors have been renowned for the quality and musicality oftheir sound. The processing was mainly analog (companders, limiters, low-pass filters, feedback path,…), and the signal w..
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OTO BOUM Warming Unit OTO BOUM Warming Unit
Brand: OTO Machines Model: OTO-BOUM
BOUM is a full analog stereo warming unit, combining an easy-to-use compressor, a versatile distortion generator and a smooth low-pass filter. BOUM is the perfect tool when you need to add warmth, thickness, and character to your sounds, but also apply severe distortion and extreme co..
Ex Tax:477.31€
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