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Miscellaneus Effect Pedals

Brand: 29 Pedals Model: 4001130
EUNA is the Elite UNity Amplifier from 29 Pedals. An input driver that replaces a conventional buffer, EUNA is built to protect and condition your instrument's signal to prepare it for whatever you want to do with it. Console grade build, three great sounding filters, and an alt-path insert loo..
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Brand: 29 Pedals Model: OAMP
OAMP is the Output AMPlifier from 29 Pedals.An output driver that replaces conventional buffers, line drivers and preamps, OAMP makes up to 29dB of gain, provides final signal conditioning and sweetening, and will drive lots of cable or capacitive loads. OAMP will drive down to 600 ohms! T..
Ex Tax:293.28€
Brand: AC Noises Model: AC-NOISES-AMA
AMA is an Italian verb which means "love" in second person imperative (tu, ama! = you, love!).The first version of this effect pedal was released in early 2018 and it quickly became the top seller of the AC noises catalogue. In fact, during the consecutive two years, the AMA has been chosen fro..
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Brand: AC Noises Model: AC-NOISES-RESPIRA
"Respira" is an Italian verb which means "breathe" in second person imperative (tu, respira = you, breathe).This percussive ambient machine consists in 2 effects in 1 pedal unit, and it’s something that we dreamed about for a very long time here at AC noises due our true love for movie sou..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-COLOUR-THEORY
Colour TheoryThe Colour Theory. Each step in its sequence is a new pathway to adventure, each new colour is part of a palette of mystery. Every moment brings a new surprise, as the patterns cycle and interact.The Colour Theory combines a versatile eight-step sequencer with a powerful effects process..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-FEVER-PITCH
I hear a symphony, and so can you.The Alexander Fever Pitch is packed with pitch processing power, with four independent voices to help you score your very own magnum opus. We've crammed it full of FXCore DSP goodness and all the bells and whistles we can think of, yet it's still easy to use. Welcom..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-RIFF
Riff Instant Tone SanitizerLaughter in the face of adversity is the true sound of perseverance.Riff Instant Tone Sanitizer is a limited edition discrete Class-A Preamp designed to crank smiles and boost spirits during these unique and challenging times. As part of a proactive harmonic health regime..
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Brand: Alexander Pedals Model: ALEXANDER-SYNTAX-ERROR-2
Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 is a noisemaker, designed to help you create your very own arcade soundtrack using guitar, bass, keys, or whatever. Featuring the powerful new FXCore DSP, Syntax Error 2 packs more power, punch, and possibilities than any other Alexander pedal thus far.Syntax Err..
Ex Tax:301.68€
Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: ALM-BUSY-CIRCUITS-MFX-PEDAL
The ‘MFX Pedal’ brings all the effects and functionality of our popular Eurorack MFX module to both guitars and synths in standalone form with 18 different fully featured effects programs and additional MIDI, Knob and Expression pedal control, tap tempo, an optional analogue gain stage and true rela..
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Brand: Boss Model: AW3
Boss AW-3 Dynamic Wah PedalA "Talking" PedalThe AW-3 Dynamic Wah is the first compact wah pedal to incorporate human voice-type sounds through a "Humanizer" Mode. Of course, you can also choose from standard up-and-down wah effects, plus a Tempo Mode and resonant synth-like Sharp Mode.Endless Possib..
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Boss IR-2 Boss IR-2
Brand: Boss Model: BOSS-IR-2
Boss IR-2 Amp & Cabinet11 premium guitar amp types and cabinet IRs from Celestion Digital, giving players a powerful solution for achieving consistent, high-quality sound while performing, recording, and practicing. The versatile IR-2 also offers wide-ranging connectivity, including a headphones..
Ex Tax:176.47€
Brand: Boss Model: MD200
Boss MD-200 Modulation PedalOutfitted with algorithms from the flagship Boss MD-500, the MD-200 Modulation delivers an array of world-class effects in one small, convenient pedal. Twelve different modes provide every mod sound you need and more, with direct access to rate, depth, and level plus addi..
Ex Tax:226.05€
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