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29 Pedals EUNA 29 Pedals EUNA
Brand: 29 Pedals Model: 4001130
EUNA is the Elite UNity Amplifier from 29 Pedals. An input driver that replaces a conventional buffer, EUNA is built to protect and condition your instrument's signal to prepare it for whatever you want to do with it. Console grade build, three great sounding filters, and an alt-path insert loo..
Ex Tax:273.11€
29 Pedals OAMP 29 Pedals OAMP
Brand: 29 Pedals Model: 120177
OAMP is the Output AMPlifier from 29 Pedals.An output driver that replaces conventional buffers, line drivers and preamps, OAMP makes up to 29dB of gain, provides final signal conditioning and sweetening, and will drive lots of cable or capacitive loads. OAMP will drive down to 600 ohms! T..
Ex Tax:293.28€
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