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Brand: 1010 Music Model: Fireball
Compact polyphonic wavetable synthesizer with touchscreen control Bring some heat to your music creation workflow with nanobox fireball, a tabletopwavetable synthesizer with intuitive touchscreen control. From punchy and aggressive leads to atmospheric pads, fireball features eight voice polyph..
Ex Tax:334.45€
1010 Music Nanobox Lemondrop 1010 Music Nanobox Lemondrop
Brand: 1010 Music Model: Lemondrop
Compact polyphonic granular synthesizer with touchscreen control Explore a freshly squeezed approach to granular synthesis with nanobox lemondrop, a tabletop polyphonic granular synthesizer with intuitive touchscreen control. Four voice polyphony, two granulators and an oscillator provide a wid..
Ex Tax:377.31€
Arturia MiniBrute 2S Noir
Brand: Arturia Model: MiniBrute2SNoir
Semi-Modular Sequencing SynthMeet the ultimate sequencer-synth. Everything you know and love about the MiniBrute 2, but integrating a powerful, triple-layer sequencer. Where the original MiniBrute brought analog synthesis to the masses, MiniBrute 2 brings the huge potential of Eurorack modular to a ..
Ex Tax:394.12€
Brand: Bastl Instruments Model: Bestie
Not just a mixer. Also a stereo distortion/saturator with a pre-routed feedback channelBestie is a 5-channel stereo mixer with up to 20 dB boost, mute switch per channel, and flexible connectivity. However, Bestie is not just a mixer but also a stereo distortion/saturator with a pre-routed feedback ..
Ex Tax:175.63€
Brand: Bastl Instruments Model: KastleARP
Pocket-sized patchable synthbox with uncountable melodies to exploreKastle ARP is a unique modular melody generator based on a quantized sine wave oscillator with a digital waveshaper.The pitch selection employs straightforward concepts to unleash surprising intricacy. The quantized oscillator ensur..
Ex Tax:108.40€
Brand: Bastl Instruments Model: MicrogrannyMonolith
MG MONOLITHTake granular sampling into your own hands: lo-fi sounds, so-phisticated styleGranny’s back with a brand new lid: our classic desktop granular sampler gets a facelift, bringing her into the modern age with enough usability upgrades to last another lifetime, rehomed in sleek black PCB-mate..
Ex Tax:226.89€
Bastl Instruments SoftPop 2 Bastl Instruments SoftPop 2
Brand: Bastl Instruments Model: 120771
Casper Electronics and Bastl Instruments proudly announce the SoftPop SP2 – a unique instrument in development for the past three years, and a complete rework of the original 2017 CASPERxBASTL Softpop. Softpop SP2 is a radical subtractive synth under the influence of unconventional digital cont..
Ex Tax:511.77€
Buchla Music Easel Command Buchla Music Easel Command
Brand: Buchla Model: 99164
DescriptionEASEL COMMAND (208C with case and MIDI). Get the new 208C in a fancy desktop version that includes full MIDI, audio, and CV compliments!About the Buchla Easel Command and the 208CThe Buchla Easel Command is the newly updated 208C in a standalone desktop form with MIDI and CV control. The ..
Ex Tax:2,756.30€
Brand: Buchla Model: 500200
Buchla Program Manager Card (for Easel Command)The Program Manager Card is the stage and studio’s best friend for the Music Easel!The Program Manager Card is a preset sound control and storage system for the Buchla Easel Command 208C and upcoming Buchla Music Easel. It comes in a compact package, re..
Ex Tax:502.52€
Brand: Cre8audio Model: 11260
What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “synthesizer”? Close your eyes and think about it. Ok, enough you’re drifting, probably thinking about pineapples. Anyway, for a lot of people, the word synthesizer envokes visions of big filter cutoff knobs, envelope generators, and im..
Ex Tax:205.88€
Brand: Cre8audio Model: 120990
CRE8AUDIO WEST PESTDesigned in collaboration with Pittsburgh Modular, the West Pest from Cre8Audio is a modern West Coastsynth that uses an in-house custom circuit for fat, buzzing, and peculiar Buchla-like sounds. So-called West Coast synthesizers use wavefolding and combination VCA/low p..
Ex Tax:209.24€
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