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Shakmat Modular

Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-JEWELER-CAST
The Jeweler Cast melts, bends, and chisels all types of signals, audio, or CV. Composed of two independent sections, the Mix, and the Shaper, the Jeweler Cast combines a ring modula- tor, a crossfader, a wavefolder and a distortion. Thanks to its tool ensemble, this fully analog yet compact module c..
Ex Tax:150.42€
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-KNIGHTS-GALLOP
The Knight's Gallop is a one of a kind computational, voltage controlled rhythm generator. Its two channels allow for polyrhythmic results and its five modes like random, clock division or variations of the Euclidian Pattern generation will provide you with plenty of patterns.DETAILSVariable length ..
Ex Tax:163.03€
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-MOD-MEDUSA
In a simplistic way, The Mod Medusa could be described as an Euclidean LFO : an “algorhythmic” modulation source which produces variable period LFO signals synced to rhythmic patterns. Those patterns are generated by algorithms such as the Euclidean one or different ones coming from the White and Kn..
Ex Tax:250.42€
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-SUM-DIF
OVERVIEWThe Shakmat SumDif consists of two equal units that can perform sum and difference functions. Each section can be used either as a mixer, as a buffered multiple or as a signal inverter, both for audio and for CV. A very handy module in only 2 HP!DETAILSShakmat's SumDif offers two identical s..
Ex Tax:74.79€
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-TESSITURA-TAILOR-1U
Made-to-measure PitchThe Tessitura Tailor adds or substracts a precise voltage (from -2 to +2 volts) to the signal received at the CV input. This signal is transposed by octaves, depending on the rotary switch’s position. As the CV input is normalised to 0 volt, the module works without any input as..
Ex Tax:66.39€
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-TIME-APPRENTICE-1U
The Time Apprentice is a compact dual configurable clock divider. The dividers have their own set of divisions, perfect for applications such as clocking and resetting sequencers, syncing pingable modulation sources or triggering events. A set of jumpers at the back of the module allows for personal..
Ex Tax:57.14€
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-TIME-WIZZARD
The Time Wizard converts simple clock signals into weird, polyrhythmic trigger sequences. – Great basic material for complex beats. Interesting rhythms can be created by simply connecting drum voices to the module. More advanced results are achievable by synchronizing a sequencer to the Time Wizard...
Ex Tax:137.82€
Brand: Shakmat Modular Model: SHAKMAT-TRIPLE-STEEPLE
The triple steeple is a three-channel envelope generator with control over time and symmetry. With five envelope modes, linear or exponential response, CV control over time, an assignable CV input, and internal normalizations, the module will provide the generation of anything from basic envelope sh..
Ex Tax:217.65€
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