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Brand: 1010 Music Model: 1010-MUSIC-BLACKBOX
Blackbox – Compact Sampling StudioDescriptionYour Own. Personal. Sampler.Reach Out, Touch Beats.Record, edit, and sequence using a familiar touchscreen interface.Integrate synths, drum machines, and other devices to form your tabletop studio.Capture samples, arrange sequences, and create songs witho..
Ex Tax:545.38€
Brand: 1010 Music Model: 1010-MUSIC-RAZZMATAZZ
The World’s Juiciest GrooveboxCreate the juiciest beats and tastiest rhythms with nanobox | razzmatazz, a mini drum sequencer that combines powerful FM synthesis and sampling. Featuring advanced voice architecture, razzmatazz puts a huge range of percussive sounds at your fingertips—from deep and gr..
Ex Tax:378.15€
Brand: 1010 Music Model: 1010-MUSIC-NANOBOX-TANGERINE
Get powerful sampling capabilities in the nanobox form factor. With the sampling features of nanobox | tangerine, you can add interesting new ways of generating sound and music to your desktop or travel rig. Trigger one shots, play time synced loops or record live looping. The nanobox | tangerine ca..
Ex Tax:378.15€
Bastl Instruments Microgranny Monolith Bastl Instruments Microgranny Monolith
MG MONOLITHTake granular sampling into your own hands: lo-fi sounds, so-phisticated styleGranny’s back with a brand new lid: our classic desktop granular sampler gets a facelift, bringing her into the modern age with enough usability upgrades to last another lifetime, rehomed in sleek black PCB-mate..
Ex Tax:226.89€
Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-112
Module A-112 is the combination of a voltage controlled 8 Bit Sampler and a wavetable oscillator. On top of it the module is able to generate some special effects. A-112 was designed as an additional sound source with the typical sounds of the early 8 bit samplers and is not comparable with the mode..
Ex Tax:133.61€
Elektron Model:Cycles Elektron Model:Cycles
Brand: Elektron Model: 120105
The Elektron Model:Cycles is a six-track FM based groovebox that brings exploration into the heart of sound sculpting. With six unique Machines in one lightweight unit you can effortlessly mold rhythm and melody across the digital spectrum using instant, tactile controls. Exploration made attainable..
Ex Tax:315.13€
Korg Volca Sample 2
Brand: Korg Model: KORG-VOLCA-SAMPLE-2
Twice the storage capacity, a new set of samples, and pattern chaining make the Korg Volca Sample 2 the best VCR-tape-sized sample sequencer out there.The best-selling Korg Volca Sample gets a big upgrade to include double the memory, a fresh sample set, pattern chaining, and USB MIDI for direct MID..
Ex Tax:130.25€
Make Noise Morphagene
Brand: Make Noise Model: MAKE-NOISE-MORPHAGENE
The Morphagene is a next generation tape and microsound music module thatuses Reels, Splices, and Genes to create new sounds from those that alreadyexist. Search between the notes to find the unfound sounds.Some of the Morphagene's most basic uses: Splice recorded audio and jumbleit using ORGANIZE. ..
Ex Tax:474.79€
Native Instruments Maschine Plus Production Workstation Native Instruments Maschine Plus Production Workstation
Brand: Native Instruments Model: 16115
NI Maschine MK3 Groove Production StudioSee what's new in Native Instruments' Maschine:The package also includes KOMPLETE 11 SELECT - 11 premium instruments and effects:- MASSIVE - virtual analog synthesizer MONARK - iconic mono synth- THE GENTLEMAN - classic upright piano DRUMLAB - sampled / synthe..
Ex Tax:882.35€
Novation Circuit Rhythm is the powerful and versatile standalone sampler for the modern beatmaker. Samples can be recorded directly to the hardware, then sliced sculpted, reversed, looped, resampled and played chromatically -- all in the box. Grid FX invigorate your live performances, with lo-fi tap..
Ex Tax:250.42€
Brand: Polyend Model: 99996
Polyend Tracker Standalone WorkstationThe Polyend Tracker is a unique take on a retro form factor, aimed at artists who break patterns on a daily basis. Don't let the classic look fool you -- Tracker is equipped with powerful modern functionality, FX, and the forward thinking creative tricks that Po..
Ex Tax:499.00€
Brand: Roland Model: MC101
Roland MC-101 GrooveboxSmall size. Massive groove.Produce and perform music anywhere, anytime, without clutter or complications. The Roland MC-101 has the sequencing, sounds, and effects of the professional MC-707, in a compact four-track version. It has the highest quality Roland sounds and churns ..
Ex Tax:403.36€
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