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Malekko MUTE4
Brand: Malekko Heavy Industries Model: 11099
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONWEIGHT.26 lbsDIMENSIONS6 x 3.25 x 1.25 inDEVICE SPECS3hp Approx 20mA 35mm deep..
Ex Tax:105.04€
Synthrotek Roboto Synthrotek Roboto
Brand: Synthrotek Model: 14050
Do you desire to have a vocoder, pitch shifter, speak-n-spell effect, vibrato, 8-bit modulator and a bit crusher sounding module all in a lo-fi heavily CV controllable package?  Well surprise! we read your mind!  The Roboto module is all these and more (and it has a neat Cylon looking grap..
Ex Tax:142.02€
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