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QU-Bit Contour QU-Bit Contour
Brand: QU-Bit Electronix Model: 30019
Never run out of envelopes again. Contour is a quad envelope generator. Each channel has looping, CV over attack and decay, as well as unique chaining capabilities. This makes for the creation of complex modulation patterns with a minimum amount of trigger sources. Cycle times range from 5ms al..
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Brand: Rebel Technology Model: 30213
Γωνίες is a dual envelope generator with unprecedented range and precision, thanks to its unique tempo scaling ability. Each envelope has two stages with CV control, adjustable shape, and three modes: trigger, gate and cycle. The attack and release times are tempo dependent and will scale with an op..
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Brand: Ritual Electronics Model: 99637
Dual voltage controlled segments generator. AD / ASR envelope, LFO, Digital Oscillator and morePatch. Excitement. Generator.Anima draws its roots in the “west coast” analog function generators and updates them in the digital realm.This take allows for extremely precise 1V/Oct tracking (10+ octaves) ..
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Rossum Electro-Music Control Forge
Brand: Rossum Electro Music Model: 30003
CONTROL FORGE’s core functionality is drawn from the E-mu Morpheus’s insanely powerful (but hard to program on a two-line display) Function Generators. But now expanded into a supremely flexible modulation source encompassing elaborate one-shot contours, evolving cyclical patterns and..
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Brand: Synthrotek Model: 99788
OBEY is a dual function module: one half envelope follower and one half attenuverter / offset generator.Envelope Follower:The envelope follower is designed to work with a wide variety of input levels. The Low, Medium and High gain input selections let you plug a Eurorack module, passive microphone, ..
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This Is Not Rocket Science Wobbler Advanced LFO
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Brand: Tinrs This Is Not Rocket Science Model: 99496
Wobbler is an advanced LFO with two outputs.Wobbler is a modulation source that adds controlled chaos to your sound. Our Wobbler has five shapes, two of which are based on physical modelling. Wobbler also gives you direct visual feedback of your CV output. You can see it WOBBLE.A classical music ins..
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Tiptop Audio Buchla Quad Function Generator 281t
Brand: Tiptop Audio Model: 120320
Buchla and Tiptop Audio have transferred the stars of the Buchla 200 series into the Eurorack format and have remained as faithful as possible to the circuits and design, with attention to detail. From the sound to the cosmetic nature of the jacks and potentiometer knobs, many details have been..
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Verbos Electronics Control Voltage Processor Verbos Electronics Control Voltage Processor
Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: 99620
OVERVIEWThe Verbos Electronics Control Voltage Processor (CVP) is a workhorse for CV and Audio processing. It consists of a slew limiter / envelope and two identical four-channel CV and/or audio mixers. Bounce" is an unusual and unique function. The envelope will overshoot for a short time, then fal..
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Verbos Electronics Multi Envelope Verbos Electronics Multi Envelope
Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: 11433
OVERVIEWThis dual, complex envelope generator offers various simultaneously available envelope types emitted at individual outputs. Voltage control of all time parameters and of sustain levels plus numerous pulse outputs invite to cross-patching, to create LFOs or for generating even more complex en..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: 11435
DETAILSTop row (CV1) offers selectable gates and slides per step, the bottom row (CV2) only CVs without sildes. Am activated gate in the top row is only high for 1/3 of the stage's length and the CV is played. If the switch is set to "off" the gate stays low and previous stage's CV will be played. I..
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Brand: WMD Devices Model: 95692
Voltage controlled function generator/envelopeMINI SLEW is a feature packed function generator and voltage controlled slew limiter.Generates transient functions using the rise, fall and shape controls.Generates complex functions using the voltage controlled shape and vari-out via direct CV inputs.No..
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Xaoc Devices Zadar
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Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 99461
v1973 Quadruple Envelope Generator· Four indepenent channels· More than 200 unique shapes· Cycle time range: 0,8ms to 20 minutes· Shapes can be radically modified in two dimensions· Complex envelope looping and chaining features· Assignable CV inputs to cotrol almost every parameter· Preset slots&nb..
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