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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-ALT
Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier & Cascading MixerALT is a Quad VCA & Cascading MixerAs we know you will never have enough VCAs, and your rack free space is one of your most precious possessions, so we have prioritised your concerns to bring you this:4 VCAs designed to keep your signals cle..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-Caixa-104
104HP Eurorack Modular Case with Integrated UtilitiesNANO Modules' CAIXA 104 is the solution for small, portable Eurorack cases with plenty of power, depth, and integrated modules so you can easily use just the essentials for your performance.7 integrated modules: Built-in balanced inputs,..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-CAIXA-Soft-Case
Suitable for CAIXA 104 CasePadded main compartmentAccessory compartment for a power supply unit and a patch cablesCarrying strap and a detachable shoulder strapMade of durable Cordura..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-CEQ
Analog 3-band Equalizer and CompressorCEQ is an analog 3-band Equalizer and Compressor module in 4HP.Enhance your synth voices, get some punch and have fun playing with the DJ-style EQ.CEQ is perfect for your final live mix or you can even use several on individual synth voices.Great versatility.CEQ..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-EXP4-EXPANDER
Performance Mixer ExpanderThe EXP4 is an Expander module designed specifically for the Performance Mixer.· Stereo Outputs for each channel (post VCA).· CV control for each channel’s MUTE function.· CV AUX for the Stereo Channels.Included with the EXP4 are a power cable and a 16-pin ribbon cable for ..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-FONT
Massive Sounding Liquid FilterFONT is a massive sounding liquid filterDesigned to bring you powerful basslines, tons of FM modulation and a clean resonance over your audio path.It features two simultaneous outputs:• 2-pole Low Pass• 2-pole Band PassIt can also work as a sine oscillator, trackin..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-MAR
Dual Eurorack MixerMAR is a multichannel dual mixer module for the modular synthesizer. Both mixers are capable of mixing audio, CV and gate signals because they are DC coupled. MAR has two independent 4-channels mixers:Mixer X: Is a four channel mixer with gain control for each channel. The potenti..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-ONA
ONA is an Analog Multifunction OscillatorA flexible and warm Analog Oscillator, rich in harmonics. Excellent for performance use!ONA can work as an Audio Oscillator or as a Low Frequency Modulator and it provides control over all its parameters, making it a versatile, deep and easy-to-use oscillator..
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Advanced Mixing. Effortless Automation.Performance Mixer serves as a central control and mixing hub for your modular system, allowing you to combine and shape multiple audio signals from various sound sources.But what really makes it stand out is its Knob recording feature. Just hit REC, twist the k..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-QUART
Quad AD Envelope & LFO GeneratorQUART is a Quad AD Envelope & LFO GeneratorAn easy-to-handle module, perfect for those functions that you need without overthinking!QUART has 4 independent functions that can work as Low Frequency Oscillators or Attack-Decay Envelopes depending on whether the ..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-SERRA
Swiss Army Knife of Envelope modulesSERRA generates a fully controllable 4 segment function (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) that can be adjusted in time with its own sliders and external CV inputs.SERRA is not only a classic ADSR envelope, it also includes some controls whichallow a deeper operati..
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Brand: Nano Modules Model: NANO-MODULES-STMAR
ST·MAR is a 3-channel Stereo Mixer with individual and master volume controls, CV modulation and mute switches. All the basics to blend your stereo signals in only 8HP.MAR is a Multichannel Dual Mixer module designed for its use on modular synthesizers. Due to its DC-c..
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