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Brand: Intellijel Model: 99430
Mixup is a versatile, expandable audio mixer for eurorack format. It has eight inputs (6 on the front panel)  and two outputs. Inputs 1 and 2 are single-channel mono inputs, each with its own mute switch and level control; Input 3 is a dual-channel stereo input with a shared mute and level cont..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: 13159
Mutamix6 channel cv/audio mixer with 3 bus outputs and full digital control of muting patternsskiff friendly6 linear LED sliders for input attenuation controljumpers to select pseudo log curve (instead of linear)all muting realised via VCAs6 audio/cv inputs6 mute/function inputs6 three way bus routi..
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Intellijel Designs Quadratt 1u
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Brand: Intellijel Model: 13697
Quadratt 1Uquad attenuator, attenuverter, mixer and DC voltage sourceThe shorter and wider brother to the popular Triatt module!The four handy knobs can act as active attenuators (unipolar) or  attenuverters (bipolar) depending on the setting of the two-position switches above each one.Each inp..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: 99761
Use the Stereo Line Out 1U system to send audio from your modular synth into power amplifiers, mixers, audio interfaces, DAWs, and other such audio gear. The system works with both balanced +4 dBu professional audio products; and with -10dbV unbalanced gear.The Stereo Line Out 1U system comprises tw..
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Intellijel Designs Triatt Intellijel Designs Triatt
Brand: Intellijel Model: 13661
 Triatttriple attenuator, inverter, attenuverter, mixer and DC voltage sourceThis is a utility module we found ourselves always needing and using. The three well spaced knobs can act as active attenuators, attenuverters (bipolar) and inverting attenuators depending on the setting of the three-p..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: 13675
µVCA IIdual log/lin VCAThis is the version II of the original µVCA.Features:Response curve is continuously adjustable from linear to exponentialGain trimmer with above-unity gainDedicated CV attenuatorsLEDs for monitoring CV signalThis module was adapted from a design by David G. DixonWidth:&nb..
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Brand: IO Instruments Model: 95762
2 channel VCA, low noise, huge headroom for audio & CV signalsSINOPE2 channel very low distortion VCALow noise, low feedthrough, low clickingSweet and detailed soundHuge headroomWide dynamic range and high bandwidthNormalized CV INs to the nominal valueExponential and linear responses3 ATTENTUAT..
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Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: 99586
DUAL GATED PRECISION CONTROL VOLTAGE PROCESSOR6 HP | +12: 25 mA, −12: 25 mA | JORS2User Manual (PDF) A 'Swiss Army knife' for your modular system, Select 2 provides two highly accurate gate-controlled voltage processors in 6 HP. These allow you to create, switch, mute, ..
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Brand: Klavis Model: 120100
CV-controlled voltage mapper & waveshaperThe Flexshaper is a highly versatile module when it comes to modify evolving voltages in other directions and levels.Five settings allow you to fold/expand/clip/compress/invert partially or completely any CV or audio signal.The module can act as an envelo..
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Brand: Klavis Model: 13113
MIXWITCHMixer & SwitcherDual 2 to 1 mixers, normalized into 4 to 1Click-less mute per mixerClick-less polarity inversion per input with LED indicationModulation vs. audio mode selection (lin/log) per mixer, with change of potentiometer curve response and LED indication.Two LEDs on each output sh..
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Make Noise Maths Make Noise Maths
Brand: Make Noise Model: 30109
MATHS builds on the tradition set into motion in the 1960s when Don Buchla adapted circuits found within analog computers for musical purposes. Buchla's Algebraic Processor, Model 257 and 281 changed the way music synthesizers utilize control voltages. MATHS continues this great tradition - sculptin..
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Meng Qi Dual Stereo Volume (Passive dual stereo attenuator) Meng Qi Dual Stereo Volume (Passive dual stereo attenuator)
Brand: Meng Qi Model: 99511
OVERVIEWThe Dual Stereo Volume is a dual passive attenuator built from high-quality ALPS potentiometers. It is meant as an output module or as an addition to stereo output transformers which do not feature a volume control. Of course, it is also useful for any other stereo signal in your system, for..
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