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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-1F
The Instruō [1]f is a crossfader, attenuator, attenuverter and manual DC offset.Whether you want to crossfade between two audio signals, attenuate an envelope, invert a sawtooth LFO for ramped modulation, or use a DC offset to access the Mod parameters of your arbhar, [1]f is the..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-ARADH
By popular demand – an exciting new take on the legendary transistor ladder filter. Introducing the Instruō àradh, the long-awaited successor to the first Instruō low pass filter, tràigh. Expanding on tràigh’s classic functionality, àradh adds a VCA with pre or post-filter routing options, an envelo..
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DescriptionThe arbhar V2.0 firmware expansion pack includes everything you need to get startedwith the new update. Plug and play!A 2HP expander module introduces front access to the arbhar's USB port for extraconvenience accessing the new scenes and parameter configurations in addition tosaving and ..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-ARBHAR-V2
In 2019 the launch of the arbhar heralded a new generation of granular processing in Eurorack. Sampled audio can be chopped into tiny grains, scattered, shaped, re-pitched, reversed, and layered for an endless range of audio manipulation from seamless frozen tones to mutated acousmati..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-ATHRU
The result of an ongoing process of evolution, starting out as a derivative of the west coast timbre circuit, the wavefolders in the Instruō system have been tweaked and adapted with each incarnation. athrú is the latest incarnation of this series of Instruō wavefolders, in a stand alone package.Plu..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-CARN
At its core, the Instruō càrn is a four channel signal processing utility with distinct functionality and individual outputs per channel. It is optimised for both audio and control voltage signals and offers a voltage-controlled panner with constant power panning, a VCA, a ring modulator, and a sign..
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Instruo Cèis
Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-CEIS
Cèis is a fully analogue, CV controllable ADSR envelope generator. The ADSR is a more traditional shapable voltage control voltage envelope used extensively in subtractive synthesis patches. The Cèis allows full voltage control over the 4 segment faders with multiple gate/trigger outputs for maximum..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-CNOC
Function GeneratorThe Instruō cnōc is a fully analogue voltage-controlled two stage function generator. This style of function generator was pioneered by the West-coast mindset of sound synthesis and goes far beyond the functionality of a traditional envelope generator. With AR, ASR, and Looping mod..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-CRUINN
Analogue Stereo OscillatorThe Instruō cruïnn is an analogue stereo oscillator that utilises through-zero phase modulation to create deep, animated textures.On top of its single sawtooth oscillator core, cruïnn produces five additional parallel phase-displaced sawtooth variants – each controlled by t..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-CS-L
Cš-L is a dual voltage controlled oscillator.It takes the modern approach of dual primary oscillators and expands upon them.Each oscillator sports its own wavefolder, PWM output and wide range of classic waveforms.A four-quadrant multiplier stage allows for ring modulation as well as rectified and p..
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Instruo Dail Instruo Dail
Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-DAIL
The Instruō dàil is a high resolution quantiser, precision adder, MIDI-to-CV interface, and USB MIDI Host with a very small form factor suitable for any system.As a quantiser, scales can be defined locally as well as externally via MIDI. The USB Host port will accept and power class compliant device..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-DAPF
Introducing dåpf, the first dedicated effects processor in the Instruō product line. The Instruō dåpf is a set of two analogue all-pass filters.You might be asking yourself, “What is the point of a filter that passes everything?” All-pass filters don’t actually attenuate frequency amplitudes directl..
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