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Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: ALM-BUSY-CIRCUITS-OΑx2
Dual attenuverter and offset• Dual channel.• Attenuate and invert input signals.• Additional +/- 8v DC Offset controls .• LED indication of outgoing signal polarity and level.• A jumper setting allows for the module to also be used as a simple mixer.• Reverse polarity protection.• Skiff friendly.• D..
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Befaco - Molten Modular Motion MTR
Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-MOTION-MTR
Motion MTR allows you to mix, attenuate and invert signals while having clear visual feedback of their levels.Each channel can function as:Audio level control with VU meterCV attenuator with voltage meterCV inverter with voltage meterEach input is connected to 10V, so you can use each of them to gen..
Ex Tax:125.21€
Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-ABC
A*B+C is a dual, four-quadrant multiplier with VC Offset that can act as Dual Ring Modulator, Dual VCA, and Four-Channel Mixer.FEATURESEach of the two sections of the module is capable of performing the analog multiplication of two signals (A and B) and add an offset (C). It can also act as a dual v..
Ex Tax:125.21€
Brand: Befaco Model: BEFACO-MOTION-MTR-1U
CV AND AUDIO UTILITY / REALTIME VISUALIZERMotion MTR allow you to mix, attenuate and invert signals while having clear visual feedback of their levels.Each channel can function as:Audio level control with VU meterCV attenuator with voltage meterCV inverter with voltage meterEach input is normalled t..
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Brand: Cosmotronic Model: COSMOTRONIC-DELTA-V
Dual Amped Function GeneratorDelta-V is a fully analog dual channel function generator, with a dedicated VCA and cycle switch for both channels. A versatile tool that packs a great amount of functionality in only 10HP. Trigger envelopes, slew incoming gates and signals,or generate LFO..
Ex Tax:163.87€
Brand: Cosmotronic Model: COSMOTRONIC-DELTA-V-REV-3
Delta-V is a dual function generator with a built in VCA's.FEATURESDelta-V is a fully analog dual-channel function generator, featuring a dedicated VCA and LFO cycle switch for each channel. It packs a great deal of functionality in only 10HP, and will surely find use in almost every patch.Generate ..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: A-133
A-133 is a special dual voltage controlled amplifier that enables both positive and negative amplifications. Negative amplification means in this context that the signal is inverted. The main application of the module is the processing of control voltages, e.g. ADSR or LFO but the module can be..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: A-133-2
Dual Voltage Controlled VCA/Polarizer/Inverter/Ring ModulatorA-133-2 is the slim version of the A-133 but has some additional features and improvements available compared to the A-133.Module A-133-2 can be used for a lot of applications: as a simple VCA, or a voltage controlled polarizer/attuverter,..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: A-138c
Module A-138c is a four channel mixer, that allows to add or to subtract four incoming voltages to the output signal. In the middle position of the corresponding control the amplification is zero. Turning the knob counterclockwise the signal is subtracted from the output sum with increasing amount. ..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: A-138j
Module A-138j is a four channel mixer with an additional polarity/mute switch for each input. In the upper position of the corresponding switch the inverted signal is used. In the center position the input in question is turned off (mute) and in the lower position the "normal" (i.e. non-inverted) si..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: A-183-2
Module A-183-2 is a simple voltage offset generator combined with an attenuator/polarizer for the CV input. The function is similar to the vocoder slew-limiter module A-129-3. But the A-183-2 has only one channel available and does not offer the slew feature. Instead of that module A-..
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CV control over fall (decay / release)Continuously variable shape over both slopes without stretching the slope’s duration in time.Low aliasing CV generation, 224 kHz sample rate.1 v/oct input, bipolar and unipolar outputs, end of cycle output.Audio rate oscillation in cycle mode allows you to utili..
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