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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-QX
The Qx expander adds an EOR (End Of Rise) and an EOF (End Of Fall)  trigger/gate output to each of Quadrax’s four channels, enabling Quadrax’s envelopes, cycles, bursts and LFOs to trigger external modules.The definition of EOR and EOF vary depending on which mode is assigned to the correspondi..
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Brand: Klavis Model: KLAVIS-LOGICAXT
LOGICA XTVoltage-controlled logic and gate processor14 modes of operation:6 basic logic functions2 forced states6 advanced logic functions:The Gater adds-up multiple gate signals while maintaining each triggering with adjustable retrigger gap timeGate to trigger with adjustable pulse lengthChronolog..
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Brand: Klavis Model: KLAVIS-TWO-BITS
TWO BITSDual logic processor with chaining and CV functionsTwo dual-input logic processors15 different functionsSimultaneously available normal and inverted outputsLEDs on all outputsChaining optinally inverted by dedicated button with LEDsChaining does not waste any input or output; an additional v..
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Make Noise Maths Make Noise Maths
Brand: Make Noise Model: MAKE-NOISE-MATHS
MATHS builds on the tradition set into motion in the 1960s when Don Buchla adapted circuits found within analog computers for musical purposes. Buchla's Algebraic Processor, Model 257 and 281 changed the way music synthesizers utilize control voltages. MATHS continues this great tradition - sculptin..
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Brand: Make Noise Model: MAKE-NOISE-RENE-MK2
3D cartesian music sequencerThe René music synthesizer module is a powerful three-dimensional prism of composition. It is the world's only 3D Cartesian Music Sequencer. Named for the French philosopher & mathematician René Descartes, it uses the Cartesian coordinate system to unlock the analog s..
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Brand: Manifold Research Centre Model: MANIFOLD-RESEARCH-CENTRE-DELTA
delta^ is a polyphonic cv and clock generator.Each one of this buttons is an independent tap-tempo with its own output.1.the top 3 are CV outs;2.the bottom 6 are gate outs;Every tap tempo can have its own set of values for the following settings:PHASEThe phase control will allow you to shift a clock..
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Brand: Nekyia Circuits Model: NEKYIA-CIRCUITS-OBSIDIAN
Obsidian is a Dual Analog, Voltage Controlled LFO with Triangle and Square wave outs. A Symmetry CV input varies the shape of the Triangle waveform and also the pulse width of the Square wave. The two LFOs are Cross-modulated meaning that if nothing is patched to CV inputs, LFO1 modulates LFO2 Rate ..
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Brand: Rebel Technology Model: 30214
Φορέω is a triple function processor for triggers, gates and clocks. It simultaneously performs pulse width modulation, multiplication and repetition, with individual input, output and CV for each function.Pulse width modulation, as a ratio of the input signal rate, is adjustable from 0 to 100 perce..
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Brand: Schlappi Engineering Model: SCHLAPPI-ENGINEERING-NIBBLER
The Nibbler is a four bit digital accumulator based on CMOS logic. This means that it counts in binary from zero to fifteen, with inputs and outputs for individual bits as well as stepped voltage outputs (digital to analog converters). It does this with individual logic chips instead of a CPU.The co..
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Synthrotek E-OR
Brand: Synthrotek Model: EOR
The E-OR is a passive 2HP 'selectable gate mixer,' which means that you can choose between two different gate sources, two trigger sources or BOTH using the three way switch per channel. Great for choosing between various rhythms, clocks, gates, etc. Perfect for manual fills and variation in your se..
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Synthrotek Either OR Synthrotek Either OR
Brand: Synthrotek Model: EitherOR
The Either-OR is an 8-channel switchable OR Combiner logic module.   The Either-OR allows the user to switch between 2 signals per channel, or combine both of the channels for an OR logic output.There are also 2 jumpers per channel on the back of the module that allows the user to select betwee..
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Brand: Tiptop Audio Model: 281T
Buchla and Tiptop Audio have transferred the stars of the Buchla 200 series into the Eurorack format and have remained as faithful as possible to the circuits and design, with attention to detail. From the sound to the cosmetic nature of the jacks and potentiometer knobs, many details have been..
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