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Brand: Model: 99980
3x CV preset manager/multistage and macro controller for EurorackBABY, YOU MAKE ME WISH I HAD THREE HANDS!TOTAL RECALL – the 6 HP module designed to ease up transitions in live sets by controlling 3 (!) CVs at once – just by the use of one soulful hand. Intuitive to set up the desired voltages to co..
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Erica Synths Black Mixer/Splitter v2
Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95228
Advanced replacement for stackable patchcables. Everyone, who’s more deep into electronics, will point that stackable patchcables are not really wise choice for such sensitive things as music instruments, because they mechanically connect electrical signals and this can damage modules in worst case ..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 99623
Erica Synths Black Multi is highly accurate active buffered 2x1to3 or 1to6 multiple that will work for signal splitting in any circuit, including driving several VCOs in tune from one CV source. “Octave” or +-1V offset switches on both channels allow to add or subtract one volt form each channel thu..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95223
The Erica Black Output Module is a high quality output mixer and stereo panner with balanced outputs and headphone amplifier for monitoring your modular masterpieces.All inputs are buffered, we use stereo potentiometers (found in high quality studio mixers) for panning, IN4 is stereo input with simu..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 99528
Link is an analog interface for converting modular signals to line level. The module contains five channels. Enough for a modular drum computer or other complex signal generators.Link features five channels for attenuating modular signals to line level. The inputs are 1/8 sockets. For the outputs, 1..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 100028
Erica Synths MIDI to Trigger module lets you control your drum modules and trigger events on your modular from any MIDI sequencer!FeaturesConverts MIDI notes into Trigger signals8 Trigger outputsLED indication of active TriggersEasy assignment of MIDI notes to triggersConfigurable MIDI channelSwitch..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95130
Erica Pico INPUT module is just, what you need to interface your modular system with external synths or even your mp3 player or mobile phone.It boosts external signal to modular synthsignal level.Features:Independent L and R inputs3,5mm stereo inputIndependent gain adjustment for L and R c..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95110
Erica Synths Pico Mask is advanced random CV signal generator that generates sample and hold CV signal within user defined mask.This means that you have certain control over randomness. Pico MASK can play key role in self-generating music, work as CV processor, waveshaper and bitcrusher – your imagi..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95100
Erica Pico MSCALE (Moog Scale, to be specific) is precision scaler to adapt Moog Mother 32 to eurorack standard 1V/oct control voltages.Those, who own Moog Mother 32 know, that it requires -5V - +5V on 1V/oct input to operate in full range, while the eurorack standard is 0V - +10V. So, to control Mo..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95122
Erica Synths Pico Multi is an advanced replacement for stackable patchcables – it’s highly accurate active buffered multiple that will work for signal splitting in any circuit, including driving several VCOs in tune from one CV source.FeaturesTwo independent active buffered multiples 1-3+1-2 or 1-5 ..
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Brand: Erica Synths Model: 95104
Erica Pico OUTPUT module is just what you need to monitor your music on headphones and have standardized connection to mixing desks.3,5mm stereo output jack allows you to connect the Pico System directly to virtually any speaker system or line input. Even in your car.Features:Sig..
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Brand: Expert Sleepers Model: 99341
The CVM-8 is an eight channel CV to MIDI and CV to I2C converter in a 4HP Eurorack module.Its two independent MIDI ports can be used with any MIDI device via 5 pin DIN or TRS 3.5mm jack breakouts, or connected directly to other Expert Sleepers modules via their MIDI breakout head..
Ex Tax:189.92€
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