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1U Eurorack

Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-CVx-1U
Eight channel CV expander module in 1UThe CVx 1U expander modules has eight user-configurable outputs and connects to the MIDI 1U module. Using the Intellijel Config app, you can assign each of the eight jacks to generate just about any type of voltage that can be derived from a MIDI signal; pitch, ..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-DIGIVERB-1U
Digiverb 1UDigital reverb effectDigiverb is a lo-fi reverb effect unit that uses an Accutronic digital reverb “tank” module.   The sound is somewhere between a virtual spring reverb and a dense multi tap delay but the effect is quite musical and interesting.Use the Digiverb as a simple and..
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Intellijel Designs Dual VCA 1U
Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-DUAL-VCA-1U
Dual/Stereo VCADual / Stereo linear VCA in Intellijel 1U format.The Voltage Controlled Amplifier or “VCA” is one of the most essential and useful building blocks in a synthesis patch. The DUAL VCA 1U packs two high quality, DC coupled, linear VCAs into a very compact 1U package.The two VCAs can be u..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-DUATT-1U
The perfect complement to any module.Duatt is a dual-channel active/buffered attenuverter and summing mixer. Each channel has a knob, which can function as a unipolar attenuator or a bipolar attenuverter, depending on the setting of its corresponding two-position polarity switch. It’s a versatile an..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-FSR-1U
The FSR 1U is built around a custom fabricated FSR with an analog processing circuit. It allows you to generate a variable CV when you press on it (pressing harder generates a larger voltage) along with a corresponding gate signal.Guaranteed to add some fun, dynamic control over almost any kind of p..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-LI-1U
Audio WickThis module allows you to connect and route external audio into your Eurorack modular system. It is a compact and simple way to patch in external line-level instruments (like synths and drum machines), outputs from your DAW, rack-mount or desktop FX units, or any other line-level source. S..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-LO-1U
Line Out 1UEurorack level to Balanced Pro Line Level Ouput Shifter in 1UThis module allows you to interface your Eurorack modular system to the pro balanced line level world (+4 dBu).  You can send audio out to rack mount/desktop FX units, patch to external line-level instruments like synths an..
Ex Tax:35.29€
Intellijel Designs Midi 1U
Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-MIDI-1U
The MIDI 1U system provides all the essentials to control and sync your Eurorack modular from your computer, mobile, or hardware MIDI device with a minimum of fuss. Several of the module’s most important features can be changed using the two front panel buttons, with full configuration capabilities ..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-MULT-1U
Buff Mult 1UBuffered Multiple in 1UDual 1 x 4 buffered mult (one audio or cv signal in with multiple buffered outputs).The output of the first mult is normalled to the input of the second mult to create a 1×8 buffered mult.Width:14HPMax Depth:29mmPower: ..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-MULTI-FX-1U
Delay, Reverb, Chorus FXMulti-FX 1U provides three carefully crafted and highly musical sounding delay based FX in a compact 1U package. FeaturesThree FX modes:DELAY - tap/clock syncable, controls for rate/division,  tone (feedback low pass filtering), and feedback amountCHORUS - controls ..
Ex Tax:115.97€
Noise Random Tools 1UClock, Random Pulse, Analog Noise, Sample and Hold, and SlewNoise Random Tools comprises a collection of useful utility blocks that you could use in many of your patches.Features:Clock and Random pulse source with adjustable rateAnalog pink and white noise source with very accur..
Ex Tax:96.64€
Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-OCTALINK-1U
The Octalink system consists of two 1U modules, which can be used to exchange signals between cases. The circuits are connected via an Ethernet cable. Each module comes equipped with eight patch points. The connectors can be used either as inputs or outputs. Octalink is suitable for audio signals as..
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