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Brand: 2hp Model: 2HP-LOGIC
Boolean Gate OperatorLogic is a 2 channel, boolean gate operator. It provides two unique logic operations: AND and OR. The AND Channel is useful for gating existing rhythmic events within a patch.Conversely, The OR channel is well suited for mixing two timing events down to a single output, creating..
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The SISM is a 4-channel voltage manipulator that can scale, invert, attenuate, shift (dc offset), mix, split, and slice your CV and audio signals.A plethora of red and blue LEDs (14) show exactly what each channel and output jack is doing: red = negative voltage, blue = positive.Each channel is inde..
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Brand: AtoVproject Model: ATOV-PROJECT-GAETO
AtoVproject - Gaeto The AtoVproject Gaeto is a new type of clocked logic module.Gaeto is a great module to play around with triggers, gates and legatoes turning one into the other. As a result we decided to name the module Gaeto from “Gate” and “Legato”.Some of the functions that the module can..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-152
Module A152 is a very useful switching and T&H module. It combines a voltage addressed 1-to-8 multiplexer and 8 fold T&H that can be used as kind of an analog shift register too. The active in/output is displayed by a LED. The digital output of the currently addressed step outputs "high". Th..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-166
Dual logic module with 3 inputs for each unit. The logical states of the inputs ("1" = high / "0" = low) are linked together in 3 ways: AND, OR, EXOR (exclusive OR). The three functions are available simultaneously at three outputs with LED display of the output states. Additionally two inverters ar..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: DOEPFER-A-186-1
Module A-186 is a very simple, passive unit that combines up to 7 gate, trigger or analog signals by or-wiring.Function:if all seven inputs are low or open the output is lowif one or more of the seven inputs is "high" the output turns highApplications:combination ("or"-wiring) of gate and/or trigger..
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Brand: Hexinverter Model: HEXINVERTER-VCNO
VCNO is a noise oscillator, capable of producing full spectrum white noise. But that’s where its similarity to other noise generators stops. VCNO can be used like a VCO – you can modulate the pitch over CV and use its multiple outputs simultaneously, each with a distinct sonic character. Its method ..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-CNOC
Function GeneratorThe Instruō cnōc is a fully analogue voltage-controlled two stage function generator. This style of function generator was pioneered by the West-coast mindset of sound synthesis and goes far beyond the functionality of a traditional envelope generator. With AR, ASR, and Looping mod..
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Brand: Instruo Model: INSTRUO-EAS
Logic gates were originally used for the implementation of Boolean functions in computation and in electronic devices. These functions were performed on one or more binary inputs to create a single binary output.In music synthesis, this concept can be appropriated for many things including the creat..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-Gx
Gate ExpanderThe Gx (Gate Expander) adds 8 additional Gate/Trigger/Clock/Logic outputs to compatible modules like the Metropolix.It connects via ribbon cable to the I2C expansion port of select modules in the intellijel product line.On Metropolix you can edit and configure the functionality under th..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-MUTAMIX
Mutamix6 channel cv/audio mixer with 3 bus outputs and full digital control of muting patternsskiff friendly6 linear LED sliders for input attenuation controljumpers to select pseudo log curve (instead of linear)all muting realised via VCAs6 audio/cv inputs6 mute/function inputs6 three way bus routi..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: INTELLIJEL-OR
ORlogical OR / gate combinerThis module allows you to combine different logic source (triggers, gates etc.) into a one logical OR combined output.The top section has 3 inputs and 1 output.  This output is normalled into the bottom section input 1 (which also has 3 inputs and 1 output) to allow ..
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