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Brand: 2hp Model: 30168
Boolean Gate OperatorLogic is a 2 channel, boolean gate operator. It provides two unique logic operations: AND and OR. The AND Channel is useful for gating existing rhythmic events within a patch.Conversely, The OR channel is well suited for mixing two timing events down to a single output, creating..
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Brand: Antimatter Audio Model: 30025
Adds 8 switches/mults to the Launch CodesThis expander provides 8 handy in/out switches/mults in 4hp that are controlled by the outputs of the 5 Launch Codes channels. When each switch is not in use, its output provides a mult out of the designated Launch Codes channel. Use this expander with the La..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: 11661
Module A152 is a very useful switching and T&H module. It combines a voltage addressed 1-to-8 multiplexer and 8 fold T&H that can be used as kind of an analog shift register too. The active in/output is displayed by a LED. The digital output of the currently addressed step outputs "high". Th..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: 11643
Dual logic module with 3 inputs for each unit. The logical states of the inputs ("1" = high / "0" = low) are linked together in 3 ways: AND, OR, EXOR (exclusive OR). The three functions are available simultaneously at three outputs with LED display of the output states. Additionally two inverters ar..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: 11638
A-172 is a minimum/maximum selector module and is equipped with four analog inputs and two analog outputs (minimum, maximum). The main application of the module is the processing/mixing of control voltages, e.g. random voltages, ADSR, LFO, S&H, ribbon CV, theremin-CV and similar, but even for au..
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Brand: Doepfer Model: 11618
Module A-186 is a very simple, passive unit that combines up to 7 gate, trigger or analog signals by or-wiring.Function:if all seven inputs are low or open the output is lowif one or more of the seven inputs is "high" the output turns highApplications:combination ("or"-wiring) of gate and/or trigger..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: 13159
Mutamix6 channel cv/audio mixer with 3 bus outputs and full digital control of muting patternsskiff friendly6 linear LED sliders for input attenuation controljumpers to select pseudo log curve (instead of linear)all muting realised via VCAs6 audio/cv inputs6 mute/function inputs6 three way bus routi..
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Intellijel Designs Or Intellijel Designs Or
Brand: Intellijel Model: 13160
ORlogical OR / gate combinerThis module allows you to combine different logic source (triggers, gates etc.) into a one logical OR combined output.The top section has 3 inputs and 1 output.  This output is normalled into the bottom section input 1 (which also has 3 inputs and 1 output) to allow ..
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Brand: Intellijel Model: 13161
Plogvoltage controlled logic and tap clock module in 8HPThe Plog module comprises two programmable logic sections (select one of six different 3 input boolean logic types) as well as a toggle flipflop and data flipflop block. all four sections are linked together via specially planned normals.Featur..
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Intellijel Designs Qx
Brand: Intellijel Model: 99758
The Qx expander adds an EOR (End Of Rise) and an EOF (End Of Fall)  trigger/gate output to each of Quadrax’s four channels, enabling Quadrax’s envelopes, cycles, bursts and LFOs to trigger external modules.The definition of EOR and EOF vary depending on which mode is assigned to the correspondi..
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Brand: Klavis Model: 13115
LOGICA XTVoltage-controlled logic and gate processor14 modes of operation:6 basic logic functions2 forced states6 advanced logic functions:The Gater adds-up multiple gate signals while maintaining each triggering with adjustable retrigger gap timeGate to trigger with adjustable pulse lengthChronolog..
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Make Noise Maths Make Noise Maths
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Brand: Make Noise Model: 30109
MATHS builds on the tradition set into motion in the 1960s when Don Buchla adapted circuits found within analog computers for musical purposes. Buchla's Algebraic Processor, Model 257 and 281 changed the way music synthesizers utilize control voltages. MATHS continues this great tradition - sculptin..
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