Alexander Pedals Wavelength

More.  That’s the best way we can describe the sounds and features of the Wavelength.  We ..


Boss CE-5

Boss CE-5 Chorus PedalThe CE5 chorus covers a wide frequency range and features high- and low-cut fi..


Boss CEB-3

Compact chorus pedal especially designed for bass guitar Applies chorus sound to the high frequ..


Boss CH-1

Boss CH-1 Super Chorus PedalThe CH1 Super Chorus features sharp sounds with clear highs, and a stere..


Crazy Tube Circuits - Sidekick

Meet Sidekick - The perfect companionSidekick combines the most common time based effects and creati..


Crazy Tube Circuits Stoned Hz

Enter the StonedHz v2, a micro modulation factory featuring an all analog signal path controlled via..


Dreadbox Komorebi BBD Chorus-Flanger

KomorebiFull Analog BBD Chorus-Flanger with 3 LFO WavesDesigned to accept from guitar to modular sig..


Electro Harmonix Bass Clone

Electro-Harmonix Bass Clone Chorus Pedal The EHX Bass Clone chorus pedal's core circuitry is near..


Electro Harmonix Canyon Delay & Looper

Electro-Harmonix Canyon Delay and LooperPacked with more power than pedals taking up more real estat..


Electro Harmonix Good Vibes

Electro Harmonix Good Vibes, chorus/vibrato effect pedal for electric guitar, controls: volume, in..


Electro Harmonix Nano Clone

EHX Nano Clone Analog Chorus Pedal The Nano Clone presents a lush, true analog chorus at a very a..


Electro Harmonix Neo Clone

Electro-Harmonix Neo Chorus Pedal The Electro-Harmonix Neo Clone Analog Chorus Pedal is the recip..


Electro Harmonix Ring Thing

Electro Harmonix Ring Thing FX Pedal - single sideband modulation, controls for blend, wave, filte..


Electro Harmonix Small Clone

EHX Small Clone Chorus PedalReissue of the affordable analog chorus pedal popularized by Kurt Cobain..


Electro Harmonix Stereo Clone Theory

The CLONE THEORY, one of the most lush, deep and warm CHORUS/VIBRATO ever made, now in stereo. The..


Eventide ModFactor Modulation Effects Pedal

Dozens of Modulation Effects - And It Fits on Your Pedalboard The Eventide ModFactor modulation e..