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Midi USB Keyboards - Midi Controllers

Brand: Cre8audio Model: 15137
NiftyKEYZ - keyboard & eurorack case!Do you ever dream about building your perfect synth? You know, a synth that had just the right components and did exactly what you wanted it to do and as your needs changed, it could too... Well, you're in luck because that's exactly the path you've been sent..
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Kenton Killamix Mini Controller Kenton Killamix Mini Controller
Brand: Kenton Model: 99118
DescriptionThe controller communicates via USB, has 9 endless rotary encoders, 9 push buttons and a joystick. It is USB bus powered for convenience.A single press of one of the 9 encoder knobs will select any MIDI channel from 1 to 9, (or pressing two knobs selects channels 10-16) LEDs indicate whic..
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Brand: Native Instruments Model: 50025
Product DescriptionPortable, compact, and ready to tap into a wide range of instruments and effects from NI and an ever-evolving list of NKS partners. Play on a best-in-class keybed, get inspired by the Smart Play features, and explore your creativity with hands-on controls -- letting you fine-tune ..
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Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK3 Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK3
Brand: Native Instruments Model: 99489
Native Instruments Maschine Mikro MK3Introduction video to the Maschine Mikro MK3:Features:- Four ways to input sound using the 16 pads -- drum in pad mode, play melodies in Keyboard mode, create chord progressions in Chord mode, and program in a classic step-sequencer style from Step mode- Software..
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Brand: Nektar Model: 120315
Featuring a 61-note (5-octave) keyboard, pitch-bend wheel, modulation wheel and foot switch socket, the Nektar Impact GX61 is a dynamic and expressive instrument. With Nektar DAW integration, the hard work is done, so you don't have to. The no-fuss interface is a great entry into the world of Nektar..
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Nektar Impact LX25 Plus Nektar Impact LX25 Plus
Brand: Nektar Model: 120314
The Nektar Impact LX25+ goes way beyond functionality normally offered by a USB MIDI controller keyboard, with DAW integration custom designed for Bitwig, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, Sonar and Studio One.With Impact LX25+, the hard work is done, s..
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Brand: Nektar Model: 120316
The Nektar Impact LX61+ USB MIDI controller is jam-packed with intelligent and expressive performance control not even available on many premium products. Custom designed for Bitwig, Cubase, Digital Performer, FL Studio, GarageBand, Logic, Nuendo, Reaper, Reason, Sonar and Studio One.The 61 note vel..
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Brand: Nektar Model: 120317
The Nektar Impact LX88+ is a unique USB MIDI controller keyboard designed for keyboard players looking for extra reach. It's jam-packed with intelligent, expressive performance control and hooks up automatically to your DAW! If you prefer to control MIDI hardware, use the build-in MIDI Out as well a..
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Brand: Nektar Model: 120318
SE61 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a solid and easy-to-use keyboard controller with enhanced workflow. It has been designed for plug & play ease of use and is compatible with any MIDI music software on Mac OS, Windows, iOS (requires optional Apple camera kit) or Linux (with a MIDI ex..
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Novation Launchpad X Novation Launchpad X
Brand: Novation Model: 96756
Novation Launchpad X USB MIDI ControllerLaunchpad X is the essential 64-pad MIDI grid controller for Ableton Live. It gives you everything you need to make music. Launch, play and perform your sounds and build your tracks using the large, super-sensitive RGB pads, dynamic note and scale modes, and m..
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Brand: Roland Model: 120229
Wireless MIDI AdapterUp to 10 m rangeConnection to MIDI devices directly at the MIDI In / Out socketsLatency: 7.5 - 15 ms (standard mode) / 3 ms (fast mode)In standard mode, up to 3 units can be connected to one master.Fast mode and connection to Mac, PC and iOS devices via Roland WM-1D (not include..
Ex Tax:54.62€
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