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Brand: Boss Model: 00265
The Ultimate Boss of TuningYou'll won't likely make it out to any live show without seeing a Boss tuner on the stage. Boss's renowned TU series have become synonymous with reliable tuning, and the Boss TU-3 will consistently keep your game in check with its durable stompbox-style switching, C0 to C8..
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TC Hellicon Ditto Mic Looper TC Hellicon Ditto Mic Looper
2-3 Days
Brand: Tc Electronic Model: 11281
TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper PedalMic it. Loop it. Go from idea to performance in an instant and build layered masterpieces with ease. One knob, two buttons -- it couldn't be simpler! With its superior audio quality, unlimited overdubs and Undo/Redo, the TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper is the essential c..
Ex Tax:79.84€
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