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KeyLab Essential 88 is a high quality, versatile MIDI controller that will ignite your creativity and make the process of music-making easy and fun. The perfect combo of awesomely playable keys, rotary knobs, faders, and performance pads is only the start: KeyLab Essential 88 also includes a whole h..
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Brand: Buchla Model: BUCHLA-LEM-218
The third iteration of one of the most used touch interfaces, the 218, as the LEM218v3: The 218e version3 Lunar Excursion Module. The first design appeared in the 1973 release of the Buchla Music Easel and named for the spacecraft that delivered astronauts to the moon. Providing the familiar piano k..
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Expressive E Osmose Expressive E Osmose
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Brand: Expressive E Model: EXPRESSIVE-E-OSMOSE
The long-awaited Osmose keyboard from Expressive E delivers a new kind of expressiveness, through its gesture-controlled keyboard.A new way to play keyboard instruments that allows for the expressive capabilities of classical instruments, such as strings or winds. Pressing, bending, shaking, pluckin..
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Brand: Novation Model: NOVATION-49SL-MKIII
Build your MIDI, CV/Gate, and DAW rig around Novation's top 49-key controller! With an internal sequencer and arpeggiator, the SL MK3 is one powerful board.Bring MIDI hardware and CV/Gate synths together by plugging them all into the Novation SL MkIII, taking total control directly from the internal..
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