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Brand: Ritual Electronics Model: RITUAL-ELECTRONICS-FLEXIBILITE-1U
Flexibilite is an expression pedal adaptor for EurorackYour third hand is your foot.Flexibilite is a fairly simple module. Plug an expression pedalinto it and use your foot to control your modules. By default itgenerates a 0-5V signal (unipolar) or a -5/+5V signal (bipolar),atten..
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Brand: Ritual Electronics Model: RITUAL-ELECTRONICS-POIUNTUSE-1U
CV controlled bidirectional analog switch that can be used as a momentary footswitch adapter for EurorackTrig, Gate, Mute, Switch Everything!Pointeuse has two states. It either connects In/Out to Out/In I or to Out/In II. You can change its state by pressing a footswitc..
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Brand: Strymon Model: STRYMON-AA1
Level shifter for external pedal effectsAA.1 converts eurorack signal levels to guitar levels by -18dB. When the signal comes back out of the pedal, it gets amplified by +18dB.featuring stereo ins & outs.This module makes it easy to combine your guitar pedals with your modular setup without any ..
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Brand: Verbos Electronics Model: VERBOS-REAL-WORLD-INTERFACE
    The Real World Interface is a 3 channel external processing module intended for connecting with sound sources outside the system. The channels are oriented as vertical channel strips. The left and right channels have a built-in condenser microphone, preamp, envelope follower ..
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Brand: WMD Devices Model: 99750
DescriptionA pro level essentialThe WMD Pro Output is a simple and purpose built module to get your modular signal interfaced with professional and consumer audio gear. It also includes a very high quality headphone driver.Rail to rail opamps at the input stage allow for headroom above the typical e..
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