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Flanger Pedals

Brand: Electro Harmonix Model: MOD-REX
The Electro Harmonix Mod Rex is the ultimate mix-and-match modulation pedal. Use this all-encompassing stompbox with synth or guitar to produce the most diverse polyrhythms imaginable. It boasts four independent modulation engines able to sync together or work separately, so you ..
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Brand: Electro Harmonix Model: NANO-MOD-11
EHX packs tons of modulation into one box! The Electro-Harmonix Mod 11 pedal boasts 11 different modulation effects, from classic to exotic, in one stompbox.The Electro-Harmonix Mod 11 is packed with 11 different modulation effects that range from classic to exotic plus advanced functionality all in..
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Brand: Empress Effects Model: EMPRESS-NEBULUS
OverviewThe Nebulus brings guitarists high quality chorus, flanger and vibrato effects in a really compact 4.5 by 3.5 inch pedal. To increase the tone range even further 3 variations on each effect are available for a total of 9 tweak-able modes. All this flexibility is easy to access via a preset s..
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Eventide ModFactor Modulation Effects Pedal Eventide ModFactor Modulation Effects Pedal
Brand: Eventide Model: EVENTIDE-MODFACTOR
Dozens of Modulation Effects - And It Fits on Your PedalboardThe Eventide ModFactor modulation effects pedal is a powerful multi-effects processor that provides choruses, phasers, flangers, wahs, or just about any modulation-based effect you can imagine. Even classic effects like rotaries and vibrat..
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Brand: Fairfield Circuitry Model: FAIRFIELD-SHALLOW-WATER
Fairfield Circuitry Shallow WaterHow do you describe the Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water pedal?Poolside conversations while staring at your own reflection. The depths of which shall never be known, at least not for another couple thousand years, and so it goes.Before the reflection, is the experie..
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Brand: GFI System Model: GFI-SYNESTHESIA
Synesthesia is an advanced, yet user friendly dual-channel multi-modulation engines, capable of running two modulation algorithms simultaneously. Packed with 37 classic and modern algorithms and 3 different DSP routing schemes Synesthesia offers limitless sonic possibilities.Synesthesia is not just ..
Ex Tax:390.76€
Brand: JHS Pedals Model: JHS-3-SERIES-FLANGER
The JHS Pedals 3 Series is a collection of pedals designed to give you affordability and simplicity without compromising quality. Each 3 Series pedal is made by us in Kansas City, MO, using high-quality parts, quality control, and attention to every detail. Each pedal has three simple controls and o..
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Brand: Keeley Model: KEELEY-BUBBLE-TRON
Robert Keeley and his crew are fans of Zappa. Rabid Fans. This pedal explores some of the famous, but very hard to find sounds of the past. Keeley Engineering has created another batch of Neo-Vintage effects that never were. This time Keeley has made the Flanger and Phaser in dynamic with your pick ..
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Brand: Keeley Model: KEELEY-DARK-SIDE
You can behold the universe in a glass of wine.We should all be so lucky as to be identified by the sound of a single note. Some players are so well defined that their entire musical journey can be heard in a single note they play. Tone is in the fingers. Tone is in the mind. Effects can be a g..
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Brand: Keeley Model: KEELEY-DYNO-MY-ROTO
Finally you can get those 80’s vintage rack chorus sounds that define killer chorus sounds. This was not an easy development. The Dyno My Roto is a tough and difficult thing to accomplish in such a small package and we couldn’t leave good enough alone. We added a Flanger and a Leslie Cabinet simulat..
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Brand: Old Blood Noise Endeavors Model: OLD-BLOOD-NOISE-FLAT-LIGHT
Building effects around a foundation of flanging, the Flat Light is the latest in the Old Blood Noise Endeavors pedal line. From pitch shifting flanger to highly resonant metallic sounds to reverb-like delays and recognizable swooshes, the Flat Light will induce motion to your sound no matter where ..
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SolidGoldFX Oblivion SolidGoldFX Oblivion
If you think you have Flangers all figured out and placed neatly in your little square genre-defined box, then get ready to have your world turned upside down by the OBLIVION QUAD FLANGER. An otherworldly vast sonic sea awaits you with this device, as every turn of a knob and flick of a switch unloc..
Ex Tax:226.05€
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