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Brand: Arturia Model: microfreak stellar
MicroFreak Stellar is a limited edition of an acclaimed experimental synth that combines digital oscillators with an analog filter, boundless modulati..
Ex Tax:284.87€
Brand: Death By Audio Model: Disturbance
The DISTURBANCE is an extreme filter, flanger, and phaser with modulation like you've never heard before.DISTURBANCE’s controls allow for a wide range..
Ex Tax:251.26€
Brand: Joranalogue Audio Design Model: Pivot2
Signal flow is an essential concept in modular synthesis: the path taken by audio or control voltages (CVs) may be long or short, branching or linear,..
Ex Tax:133.61€
Brand: Intellijel Model: USBExtender1U3U
Bring that USB connector to the front!Originally designed for the Metropolix 1.4 USB MIDI update, the USB Extender extends the USB Micro connector on ..
Ex Tax:35.29€
Brand: Intellijel Model: VCO1U
Mighty oscillations, mini size.An analog oscillator and LFO with pure waveforms and precise tracking in a compact package.  Perfect as a utility ..
Ex Tax:138.66€
Brand: Intellijel Model: XFADE1U
Xfade 1U is a classic DJ-style stereo crossfader, with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. The  ‘A’ and ‘B’ sides both have L+R..
Ex Tax:167.23€
Brand: Intellijel Model: CascadiaMetalSideCheeks
A Harder EdgeAn alternative modern look for Cascadia. A pair of aluminum sides for Cascadia.A pair of aluminum sides for Cascadia, includes screws, ev..
Ex Tax:46.22€
Brand: Intellijel Model: CascadiaRackEarsKit
Permanent fixtureGet serious and mount Cascadia in your studio or travel rack. The right side has a small cubby hole compartment on the left side with..
Ex Tax:65.55€
Brand: Unknown Devices Model: Raijublack
Percussive synthesizer with an analog LPGADSR Envelope generator:Range selector (up to 100s per stage)Shape controlConfigurable EOS outputComplex Tria..
Ex Tax:252.10€
Brand: Befaco Model: 1UMOTIONMTR
CV AND AUDIO UTILITY / REALTIME VISUALIZERMotion MTR allow you to mix, attenuate and invert signals while having clear visual feedback of their levels..
Ex Tax:124.37€
Brand: Befaco Model: 1USTEREO MIX
STMix is a four-channel stereo mixer in 28hp and 1U format. It can work independently or as an expansion of our Hexmix module via the six-pin connecto..
Ex Tax:74.79€
Brand: Befaco Model: 1USTEREOAMP
ST Amp is a 1U stereo amplifier designed to boost your external signals into modular levels. The module is designed under the Intellijel 1U format and..
Ex Tax:66.39€
Brand: Befaco Model: 1UOUT
Out is a 1U stereo output module designed to convert audio signals from your modular to line-levels. The module is designed to be used on cases with o..
Ex Tax:71.43€
Brand: Cioks Model: SOL
Product OverviewThe Heart and SOL of Your Pedalboard SOL is the ultimate solution for bringing life to a small to medium-sized pedalboard setup, espec..
Ex Tax:142.02€
Brand: Catalinbread Model: Tremolo8
"Tremolo" is only scratching the surface. With 8 unique programs, the Tremolo8 shows you what volume modulation is truly capable of.In a past life, th..
Ex Tax:217.65€
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