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Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core USB Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core USB
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Brand: Antelope Audio Model: 120321
The Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core, available here with USB-C connectivity, is an audio interface specifically designed to bring professional studio perf..
Ex Tax:771.43€
Brand: Nektar Model: 120318
SE61 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a solid and easy-to-use keyboard controller with enhanced workflow. It has been designed for plug &..
Ex Tax:83.19€
Brand: Nektar Model: 120317
The Nektar Impact LX88+ is a unique USB MIDI controller keyboard designed for keyboard players looking for extra reach. It's jam-packed with intellige..
Ex Tax:247.90€
Brand: Nektar Model: 120316
The Nektar Impact LX61+ USB MIDI controller is jam-packed with intelligent and expressive performance control not even available on many premium produ..
Ex Tax:151.26€
Brand: Nektar Model: 120315
Featuring a 61-note (5-octave) keyboard, pitch-bend wheel, modulation wheel and foot switch socket, the Nektar Impact GX61 is a dynamic and expressive..
Ex Tax:93.28€
Brand: Nektar Model: 120314
The Nektar Impact LX25+ goes way beyond functionality normally offered by a USB MIDI controller keyboard, with DAW integration custom designed for Bit..
Ex Tax:83.19€
Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: 300220
MCFx2 is our state variable ‘MCF’ filter made double. It features 2 identical classic analog 3 pole state variable filter cores each with Low,High and..
Ex Tax:251.26€
Brand: Roland Model: 120313
PSB-230EU Roland Boss power supplyDC 9V2000 mAPlug: 1.3 mm bore inside and 5 mm outsidePolarity: inside minusSucceeding model from the PSB-1U power su..
Ex Tax:26.05€
Brand: Boss Model: 120312
Premium Waza Craft pedal with all-analog audio circuitryInnovative dual-stage gain circuit built with discrete analog componentsStandard mode updates ..
Ex Tax:116.81€
Brand: Alm Busy Circuits Model: 120311
Dual 12-bit digital wavetable drum voiceThe ‘Tyso Daiko’ is a dual 12-bit digital wavetable drum voice with full voltage control and an analog EQ outp..
Ex Tax:292.44€
Brand: Cosmotronic Model: 120310
Side-chained DistortionPeradam is an analog distortion module with an internal sidechain, like a compressor's twisted brother. The input signal is spl..
Ex Tax:221.85€
Brand: Cosmotronic Model: 120309
Stereo Compressor and Transient ShaperMessor is an analog stereo compressor with lots of tricks up its sleeve, in only 8HP.From squashing drums, sidec..
Ex Tax:184.03€
Cosmotronic Vortex
New Pre-Order
Brand: Cosmotronic Model: 120308
Thru Zero Complex OscillatorA new 100% analog complex oscillator, featuring two independent VCO's. Both voices have a unique signal path and flavour. ..
Ex Tax:628.57€
Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 120307
DESCRIPTIONMoskwa II is an eight-step sequencer generating two kinds of signals: gate/trigger and CV. Designed with live sequence programming in mind,..
Ex Tax:300.84€
Brand: Xaoc Devices Model: 120305
DESCRIPTIONZagrzeb is a stereo multimode 4-pole (24dB/oct) state variable voltage-controlled filter (SV VCF). It offers five distinct frequency respon..
Ex Tax:217.65€