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Miasma is a voltage-controlled distortion with up to +40 dB of gain. It features a feedback loop with optional send and return path for inserting other effects. Thanks to interchangeable clipping diodes, a variety of sounds can be achieved. The module comes with six different types of diodes, from germanium to LED!


Miasma is a voltage-controlled distortion with integrated feedback loop. The Gain control allows to attenuate the input signal before hitting the distortion gain cell. It can be voltage controlled thanks to the Gain CV input with dedicated attenuverter.

The distortion gain cell uses one rectification diode per waveform polarity. These diodes can be interchanged very easily by the user, allowing symmetrical and asymmetrical distortion. The module comes with six different diodes, from germanium to LED, for up to +40 dB of gain! Each diode creates a different tone of distortion and influences the feedback texture and pitch. The final output level can be adjusted with the trimmer on the front panel.

Miasma features a feedback path, which feeds the distorted signal back into the input with no phase inversion, enabling the module to self-oscillate even with no input. It is possible to add other effects to the feedback path, allowing you to experiment with a variety of modules. The feedback amount is set by the big Feedback potentiometer or via a CV input with attenuverter. The Blend knob allows you to mix the distorted and original signal, making it easy to precisely adjust the intensity of the effect.


Audio input and output
Feedback send and return connectors
CV inputs for gain and feedback parameters


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 37 mm in depth
Power consumption: 35 mA at +12 V and 30 mA at -12 V

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